The BitTorrent Song

I just bumped into a video of some guy singing about torrents, rips, and ISO’s. The vocals could be better but he knows how to stroke the keys. The video is subtitled for those of you who are not really familiar with all the terms. The plottwist is brilliant.

uTorrent developer Signs deal with Peerfactor

PeerFactor and the uTorrent developer Ludvig Strigeus signed a six months experimental agreement. Their goal is to develop "new content distribution applications on the Web". This is interesting because Peerfactor is known for their Peer-against-Peer and other anti-piracy work.

Record labels want to Kill French Filesharing law

The Big Four record labels are fighting tooth and nail to kill the French decision to make it legal to share music and movies online. MPs, who’ve already voted once on the matter, will debate it again next week and if they confirm the earlier decision, turning it into law,…

The Matrix ASCII, still going strong

The Matrix ASCII is probably the oldest torrent out there. This text version of the original Matrix movie is now seeded for almost 778 days (with a short break in between). If you didn't see it yet you should definitely check out this movie or one of the smaller samples.…

Producer / ISP founder and his love for BitTorrent

Ronnie Apteker, a dotcom millionaire, one of the founders of South Africa’s largest corporate ISP, a movie producer, and sometimes a stand up comedian talks about his love for BitTorrent and e-mule. Finally someone from the other side who writes something positive about BitTorrent. Ronnie writes: So what is the…

BitTorrent Inc. Video Store

BitTorrent inc. is planning a video download website to distribute movies online. According to BitTorrent’s spokesman Lily Lin her company is currently negotiating with several content owners. This move is not really a big surprise after the announced collaboration with the MPAA and a british cable company. BitTorrent co-founder and…

Desert Bus, The Torrent

Desert bus is probably one of the best games ever. Unfortunately the game was never released, until now. 11 years after the planned release date Waxy is hosting a torrent for this mythical game. The game is part of a long-lost Penn and Teller videogame.

BitTorrent aids Terrorists and Pedophiles

In Friday's edition of BBC's newsnight, BitTorrent is portrayed as the new evil that helps terrorists and pedophiles to do their "job" without being noticed. In a dramatic 4 minute report the public is led to believe that BitTorrent is a threat to (inter)national security. Unbelievable, see for yourself.