Is Piracy OK if the Property isn’t Intellectual?

It is doubtful that the term "intellectual property" is still applicable to the majority of the Hollywood productions, especially the intellectual part. So, is piracy still intellectual property theft if the property is not a product of the intellect? Great cartoon by Clay Bennett

Calendar to Track TV Shows and TV Torrents has a great Tv-calendar that makes it easy to check when the latest episode of your favorite TV-show is broadcasted. To make it even better, the calendar also links to the latest TV-torrents for every episode.

GreedyTorrent: The Deadly BitTorrent Sin

Maintaining a respectable ratio on a BitTorrent tracker can be a drawn-out task. The vast majority of users understand this, warm in the knowledge that whatever they upload helps their peers to download more quickly. Some users do not care about such things, and turn to ratio hacking applications like…

Limewire Breaks iTunes 7.1

An anonymous Apple insider has tipped off the Unofficial Apple Weblog that he believes the corrupted iTunes libraries they have been seeing recently are caused by a conflict between iTunes 7.1 and LimeWire.

SymTorrent: BitTorrent on Your Mobile

SymTorrent is a BitTorrent client for mobile devices that allows you to download torrents over WiFi, GPRS and UMTS. The free and open-source BitTorrent client is developed by Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The Pirate Bay’s Torrents Quadruple in a Year

Like most other BitTorrent sites, The Pirate Bay has grown explosively over the last year. They are now tracking 500.000 .torrent files and almost 5 million peers, what makes them by far the most popular BitTorrent tracker. In comparison, a year ago they tracked only 125.000 torrents.

Interview: aXXo, The Most Popular DVD Ripper on BitTorrent


In real life, aXXo is probably just an average person, but on the Internet he's a celebrity, with over a million people downloading his DVDrips every month. The search term "aXXo" is among the top searches on every torrent site, and even anti-piracy organizations use his name to trap people…