P2P Is Unstoppable

On February 21 the MPAA claimed a "major victory" in their war against piracy. The Belgian police managed to shut down Razorback2's servers. Razorback2 was considered to be the heart of the Edonkey2000 network, with over a million users.

Traffic Shaping, Good or Bad?

Two months ago we posted a story on the new encryption methods to prevent ISP's like Rogers and Shaw from throttling BitTorrent traffic. The encryption methods seem to work, and the three most popular torrent clients support it.

Coca-Cola Promotes P2P-TV

Coca Cola started a free music TV program called Stageside. The show is completely DRM-free and downloadable through BitTorrent, Gnutella, Ed2K and fasttrack. Island Def Jam R&B star Ne-Yo is the first artist that appears on "Stageside".

University bans p2p apps

UConn (Univerity of Connecticut) Information Technology Services says it's going to in effect ban all p2p file sharing programs, except DC++.

Allpeers: Global Innovator

Allpeers is names "Guidewire Group Global Innovator" and invited to present the BitTorrent extension for Firefox at the Innovate!Europe event. Allpeers, started sending out invitations for their BETA program a couple of days ago.

Targetpoint is buying BitTorrent sites

Targetpoint, an ad-company that is offering targeted ads is targeting BitTorrent sites. Targetpoint recognizes the potential that most BitTorrent sites have, and is already a partner of several torrent sites. Most of the time it stays with serving ads on a pay per click basis, but they sometimes go even…

P2P-TV Scene Tags

Downloading TV episodes has become extremely popular within the BitTorrent/P2P community. However, some of you might not be completely familiar with all the TV-Torrent tags. The filename of a TV-Torrent contains a set of tags that give you information things like the source, quality, and release group.