BSA Monitoring BitTorrent Traffic

The Business Software Alliance, an organisation similar to the RIAA, is reportedly monitoring BitTorrent traffic in the UK. The software trade group that represents major vendors like Adobe, Microsoft and Symantec has contacted UK ISP Pipex with harvested IP addresses of its customers.

TorrentPod Episode 22

Charlie is back!!! Still recovering, but at least he gave it a try... Here's TorrentPod episode 22.

More Than 25 Million Americans Pirate Movies

Digital Life America, a unit of the Solutions Research Group, has found that out of the 32 million Americans who have downloaded at least 1 movie from the Internet, 80 percent have done so over P2P.

BitTorrent Store to Compete with Apple, Microsoft and Piracy

BitTorrent president and co-founder Ashwin Navin said in an interview yesterday that third-party products like the recently announced 'Netgear Entertainment Box', together with the upcoming BitTorrent Video Store, have the potential to knock out competitive products that Apple and Microsoft are currently developing.

The Pirate Bay in the Hot Seat

Gottfrid "Anakata" and Peter "Brokep" from the Pirate Bay took place in Computer Swedens "hot seat" this week, where the readers asked them questions (Swedish) about their income, copyright infringement, Sealand and more. We translated the interview for all The Pirate Bay fans outside Sweden.

The Pirate Bay: Serving over 4 Million Torrents a Day

The Pirate Bay, one of the most popular BitTorrent sites on the Internet, posted some interesting stats. At the moment 53 .torrent files are downloaded from The Pirate Bay every second, which adds up to 4,579,200 torrents a day.

Mark Cuban: BitTorrent is Doomed


The self-acclaimed guru of IPTV, Mark Cuban claims that P2P, and more specifically, BitTorrent is doomed. Apparently, "conflicting clients", lack of knowledge, limited Internet plans, and "bandwidth premiums" are going to be jointly responsible for the death of BitTorrent.