XBTIT: Bringing BitTorrent Tracker Ownership Within Reach

The decision to become an administrator of a BitTorrent tracker can be a difficult one. Even if one puts aside the issues surrounding legality in certain countries, to the inexperienced there's a technical mountain to climb. Thanks to XBTIT team, the mountain has eased to a small incline, bringing tracker…

TorrentPod Episode 40

It's been a while but Charlie has finally returned. TorrentFreak was podcastless for more than three weeks but the wait has ended. Here's TorrentPod episode 40, Enjoy!

“iTorrent”: A BitTorrent Client for your iPhone?

The possibility of file sharing whilst walking down the street is closer than you might think. Carrying a BitTorrent client in your pocket is getting closer, with the release of new high-powered communication tools, such as the much publicized Apple iPhone.

Media Defender Endorses TorrentFreak’s Great Work

TorrentFreak's recent articles about Media Defender have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, surely proving beyond any doubt that they must be an incredibly popular company doing great things for the BitTorrent community. In recognition of our great work, Media Defender has re-directed its p2p.net domain to us, an…