Band Frontman Wants to Strangle File-Sharer

Maxïmo Park's latest album was leaked onto BitTorrent, a full month ahead of its official launch. Now, band frontman Paul Smith has told the BBC that he's remaining philosphical: he knows he can't stop it but he still wants to strangle the file-sharer who pre-released the album.

Calculate Your Optimal BitTorrent Settings


Configuring your BitTorrent client is extremely important if you want to get the best out of BitTorrent. However, the settings pane of the average BitTorrent client might be a bit overwhelming, and some people just don't know where to start. For novices, this BitTorrent settings calculator might come in handy.

Government Blocks Torrent Site, Citizens Protest

May 2006 saw the admin of one of Bulgaria's largest BitTorrent trackers arrested by the police, accused of putting links to over 20 million copyright works on the internet. Despite the fact he has been released, the Bulgarian Interior Ministry has now ordered all ISP's to block access to the…

P2P File-Sharing Ruins Physical Piracy Business

If the likes of the MPAA, RIAA and IFPI are to be believed, file-sharing is causing worldwide havok, costing billions of dollars and creating unemployment. It's true that some people are feeling the P2P effect; they're called 'physical pirates' and one of them says that file-sharing has ruined his business.

Is Piracy OK if the Property isn’t Intellectual?

It is doubtful that the term "intellectual property" is still applicable to the majority of the Hollywood productions, especially the intellectual part. So, is piracy still intellectual property theft if the property is not a product of the intellect? Great cartoon by Clay Bennett

Calendar to Track TV Shows and TV Torrents has a great Tv-calendar that makes it easy to check when the latest episode of your favorite TV-show is broadcasted. To make it even better, the calendar also links to the latest TV-torrents for every episode.