MPAA about BitTorrent

Slyck interviewed Dean Garfield, the Vice President and Director of Legal Affairs of the MPAA.

BitTorrent is hiring

Are you really into BitTorrent and looking for a job? Bram Cohen can use a little help. BitTorrent inc. is looking for: Webdesigners Product managers Python engineers Support managers Marketing directors Check it out!

Canadian ISP is throttling BitTorrent traffic

The Canadian ISP "Rogers" has started to kill all BitTorrent traffic on their network. Rogers uses a bit-shaping application to throttle the traffic that is generated by BitTorrent and other p2p applications.

Unwanted torrents

A group of "hackers" is auto-installing BitTorrent on pc's infected with the Lockx.exe Rootkit. They use this to "infect" those pc's with horrible disney cartoons and mr. Bean movies. Inconvenient, but not really dangerous... however, you can easily imagine how they can use this to spread more evil things.

Speed up Bitcomet and uTorrent

In a previous post we advised to raise the maximum amount of half-open tcp connections to speed up your torrents. On itself this is a great trick, however I recently discovered that 90% off all people use the default settings on their client, and that's a problem.