Danish ISP forced to censor the Internet

A Danish court ruled against the Danish ISP Tele2 and ordered to block all access to the site Allofmp3.com. According to the ruling, the ISP is willingly infringing copyright if their customers use AllofMP3 to download music.

Google Torrents

I stumbled upon this BitTorrent search engine that uses Google's search technology to find torrents. It is not very user friendly though, because it does not return info like the size of the torrent, or seeds and peers.

MPAA’s Propaganda Contest

The MPAA announced their second annual anti-piracy propaganda contest. The goal is to create the most effective anti-piracy public service announcement (PSA).

RIAA Targets University

The University of Maryland is confronted with a wave of copyright infringement claims by the RIAA. In one month they received 130 letters, almost a tenfold of what they receive on average.