BitTorrent extension for Firefox wins funding

Allpeers is a revolutionary Firefox extension that makes it possible to share pictures, music and video’s within Firefox. According to Red Herring allpeers has received a first round of funding from two venture capital firms that backed Skype. Red Herring:“AllPeers co-founder and CEO Cedric Maloux declined to disclose the amount…

Cohen vs. Cohen at BitTorrent?

Ross Cohen, chief technology at BitTorrent inc. and BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen’s brother “has left the building” according to gigaom. Apparently they couldn’t get along anymore. What I heard was that there was some nudging by brother and Bit Torrent founder, Bram Cohen. I popped an email to the company’s…

Ask Bram Cohen a Question

Bram Cohen, the founder of BitTorrent will be at the next Python Convention (PyCon), and python is taking questions. They can’t guarantee that any of your questions will be asked, but they will doubtless be helpful to the interviewer (Steve Holden). If you want to suggest any questions for Bram…

Market Share of TV Release Groups

Here’s an analysis of the popularity/market-share of the various TV release groups. The sample data was taken from all the eztv releases since June 5, 2005 up to today March 6, 2006. This totals 1728 releases. Below is a pie graph showing the market share of the 15 most popular…

The Movie Industry should embrace BitTorrent

With the uprise of digital cinema, movie companies are looking into different ways to distribute digital movies. One of the best alternatives is obviously BitTorrent. Using BitTorrent to distribute digital movies will reduce distribution costs to nearly 0$.

The BitTorrent Song

I just bumped into a video of some guy singing about torrents, rips, and ISO’s. The vocals could be better but he knows how to stroke the keys. The video is subtitled for those of you who are not really familiar with all the terms. The plottwist is brilliant.

uTorrent developer Signs deal with Peerfactor

PeerFactor and the uTorrent developer Ludvig Strigeus signed a six months experimental agreement. Their goal is to develop "new content distribution applications on the Web". This is interesting because Peerfactor is known for their Peer-against-Peer and other anti-piracy work.