What if the bad guys win?

Think DRM multiplied by ten. Sharing is impossible, BitTorrent useless and forbidden. Every step you take is monitored, and even thinking about copyrighted material is not done.

Mininova’s frontpage update & the French

Mininova updated their frontpage today. It now lists the ten latest torrents for each category. The old one listed all torrents added that day and had an average size of 150kb which resulted in 107GB daily traffic, and a slow page at the end of the day.

Australian ISP’s wont throttle BitTorrent traffic

Good news for the Australian BitTorrent fans. Three of Australia's largest internet providers say they are not limiting BitTorrent traffic on their networks (like others do) and have no immediate plans to impose restrictions on the BitTorrent and other p2p traffic.

BitTorrent + Web 2.0, next generation TV

TIOTI, short for "tape it of the internet" is almost ready to go live. TIOTI combines great design, torrent tracking, favourites, recommendations, tagging, a little AJAX, and a lot more web 2.0 goodness. On the verge of what could be BitTorrent's next revolution, TorrentFreak had the chance to talk to…

Torrent Client Settings Optimizer

Configuring your torrent client the right way is important to get the best speeds out of BitTorrent. This simple script calculates the optimal settings for your torrent client to maximize the speed of your BitTorrent downloads.

Bitcomet 0.62 Released

A new release of the popular BitTorrent client Bitcomet just came out. This new version mainly consists of bugfixes.