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Music Piracy Is NOT a Problem, It’s an Excuse

It’s 2012 and “Piracy” is still a hot topic of conversation in the industry. People who torrent music or have a huge music library are accused of screwing over artists, stealing, and being entitled. Piracy is still cited as The Main Reason Why Artists Are Broke.

Meganomics: The Future of “Follow-the-Money” Copyright Enforcement

As last week's arrest of Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom emphasized, the main character in the SOPA/PIPA debate is the foreign 'thief'. He’s everywhere—robbing Americans of their creativity, jobs, and money. Worse, he’s enjoying himself. As the Chamber of Commerce put it: “The criminals behind these sites are laughing all the…

Dotcom: Record Label Pressure Forced Mega Radio Ads Off the Air

In yet another twist in the incredible life of Kim Dotcom, the Internet entrepreneur has revealed that a set of ads to promote the launch of the new Mega this week have been canceled at the eleventh hour. Broadcasting company MediaWorks had been contracted to run several radio ads hundreds…

Google Blocks World’s Largest Porn Torrent Tracker

Visitors to the world's largest adult BitTorrent tracker were met with a surprise this morning. According to Google and Firefox, users accessing Empornium.us are exposed to four trojan horses and three exploits. The malware doesn't appear to be hosted by the site itself, but it is coming from outside sources.

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