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Could Pirate Romney Win/Have Won the Election?

With the election around the corner, polls tied, and a slow news week in the US, it's time to ask the question that's on everyone's mind: could Mitt Romney win with some strategic repositioning on copyright policy? Could the answer be to embrace pirate Romney? Let's explore.

Anti-Pirates Scare Kids with Propagandistic Comic Book

The Motion Picture Association has sent one of its big shot lobbyists to New Zealand to advocate tougher anti-piracy legislation, and to promote a propagandistic comic book set be handed out to thousands of local kids. Interestingly, the comic doesn't touch the subject of copyright. Instead it uses false threats…

Movies.io Reinvents Movie Torrents, With Style

Movies.io is a new torrent search engine dedicated to movies, but one that goes above and beyond the average torrent site. Movies.io combines a pleasant and great-looking user interface with all the functionality needed to find and collect the best films out there. In a way it's both a threat…

Comedy Copyright Battle Raises Seriously Funny Issues

In a strange developing story the FunnyJunk image site is threatening to sue popular humor site The Oatmeal. The war between the pair dates back a year when The Oatmeal accused FunnyJunk of profiting from its copyrighted images, but now FunnyJunk is demanding $20,000 to end a defamation lawsuit. The…

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