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Could Pirate Romney Win/Have Won the Election?

With the election around the corner, polls tied, and a slow news week in the US, it's time to ask the question that's on everyone's mind: could Mitt Romney win with some strategic repositioning on copyright policy? Could the answer be to embrace pirate Romney? Let's explore.

A Snapshot of the Public BitTorrent Landscape

In a few months BitTorrent will celebrate its tenth anniversary, and in these years it has become the preferred technology to share files online. Today we document a piece of BitTorrent history with one of the most elaborate overviews of the files currently available on public trackers.

Shining Light on the Warez Darknet: A Scene Insider Speaks

When a site publishes an article about the infamous world of digital pirates known as the 'warez scene', controversy is never far away. Some feel that the 'Scene' should be treated like 'Fight Club' and never spoken about. Others are frustrated because they want the full story: How do you…

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