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Movie Studios Demand Millions From Megaupload in New Lawsuit

Hollywood's major movie studios have filed a lawsuit against Megaupload and several of its former employees, demanding millions of dollars in damages. In their complaint the studios describe the file-hosting service as a business that was set up to encourage piracy, which a nonsense claim according to Megaupload's legal team.

Judge Orders Blocking of Torrent Sites in Spain

A court in Spain has ordered that a total of 16 torrent and other file-sharing sites must be blocked and the bank accounts and email addresses of their alleged administrator frozen. A web-host says that one of their staff is accused of both hosting and running the sites.

Movie Studios Seek to Freeze Kim Dotcom’s Assets

Last month, the major Hollywood studios demanded millions from Megupload and its former employees in a brand new lawsuit. With the prospect that Kim Dotcom's seized assets may soon be released in both New Zealand and Hong Kong, 20th Century Fox and friends have moved to freeze his assets pending…

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