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US Pirate Party Endorses Barack Obama

The US Pirate Party has no candidate for the upcoming elections, but who do the pirates vote for? Barack Obama, and the party strongly urges all its members to support his campaign, and vote for him in the primaries, and later this year in November.

TorrentSpy Slapped with $110 Million Judgement

TorrentSpy has been ordered to pay a $110 million fine by a federal judge in Los Angeles. The BitTorrent site was found guilty on the charges of copyright infringement of several movie studios represented by the MPAA.

Proposed Treaty Turns Internet Into a Virtual Police State

Leaked documents are one of the banes of modern western politics. They reveal exercises and actions being proposed that are generally objectionable to the public. Such a leak occurred with the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which seeks to turn the internet into a virtual police state.

TorrentSpy Loses Case Against MPAA

A Los Angeles court decided against TorrentSpy in their ongoing legal battle with the MPAA and terminated their case. According to the ruling, TorrentSpy was sanctioned for destructing evidence.

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