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ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Law Firm Torn Apart By Leaked Emails

Earlier this week, anti-piracy lawyers ACS:Law had their website taken down by a 4chan DDoS attack. Adding insult to injury, owner Andrew Crossley was harassed at home in the middle of the night by prank phone calls. Now, through a fault with his website, hundreds of megabytes of private emails…

The Pirate Bay Sold To Software Company, Goes Legal

According to gaming company Global Gaming Factory X, it is in the the process of acquiring The Pirate Bay for $7.8m (SEK 60 million). The acquisition is scheduled to be completed by August and will see the site launch new business models to compensate content providers and copyright owners.

Online Music Piracy Doesn’t Hurt Sales, European Commission Finds

New research published by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre shows that online piracy doesn't hurt digital music revenues. The researchers examined browsing habits from 16,000 Europeans and found that there's a positive link between online piracy and visits to legal music stores, irrespective of people's interest in music. The…

Pirate Bay 10 Year Bash on the Brink Through Lack of Cash

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the world's most infamous BitTorrent site, the Swedish Pirate Party took on the task of organizing a party for thousands of revelers. Rather than having tickets at the gate, the event was to be a crowd-funded affair, with each pirate chipping in a few…

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