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The Lengthening Arm of Uncle Sam’s ‘Pirate’ Justice

File-sharing was firmly on the agenda when the head of the US Department of Homeland Security touched down in the Australian capital last week. The four new agreements - promptly signed before Secretary Janet Napolitano flew back out of Canberra - were less about sharing season two of Game of…

Australia: US Copyright Colony or Just a Good Friend?

Collectively, we Australians can be a cowardly bunch, so scared of an unknown invader that we will sell our sovereignty for the illusion of protection. This fear is symbolised in the movie 'Tomorrow When the War Began,' a film of dubious quality that portrays an Australia under invasion from some…

One in Four Australians Are ‘Cheap’ Movie Pirates

A new research report commissioned by the Australian copyright group IPAF reveals that one in four Australians pirate movies and TV-shows on a regular basis. According to the report many of these file-sharers deliberately break the law simply because they want to enjoy media without paying for it. In addition,…

Aussie ISPs Advocate “Three Strikes” Solution to Piracy

Under pressure from the Australian government, local ISPs have now published proposals on how to deal with the issue of online piracy. Drafted together with entertainment companies, the draft sees subscribers warned three times before further action is taken.

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