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Pirate Bay Blessing Propels New BitTorrent Tracker to Great Heights

In recent weeks a new Demonoid-inspired standalone tracker entered the BitTorrent ecosystem with a bang. Blessed by The Pirate Bay, Demonii has quickly become one of the most used BitTorrent trackers on the Internet. TorrentFreak decided to catch up with the admin to find out how it all came to…

Swedish Anti-Pirates Threaten BitTorrent Trackers

When the Pirate Bay verdict came in last Friday, many feared that the copyright holders would use it as ammunition against other sites. Indeed, Antipiratbyrån - the Swedish anti-piracy office - is now going after BitTorrent trackers with that verdict in hand. They demand that the trackers stop their activities,…

Police Shut Down Latvian BitTorrent Trackers

Latvia continues its clamp down on BitTorrent trackers, as two more sites have been pulled offline by the local police. Whether the attempts will prove effective is doubtful. File.lv, Latvia's largest BitTorrent tracker was taken down last summer but has since returned, despite an ongoing lawsuit.

The World’s 5 Largest Public BitTorrent Trackers

In the fall of last year The Pirate Bay took its tracker offline. Luckily, for the stability of the BitTorrent ecosystem several new trackers emerged to take its place. Time for us to provide an overview of the largest public BitTorrent trackers currently around.

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