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Hulu Blocks VPN Users Over Piracy Concerns

Hulu, the largest public movie and TV streaming service in the United States, began blocking VPN users this week. The move is an attempt to prevent "pirates" from overseas from accessing videos without permission, but it is also blocking many legitimate users from surfing the Internet securely.

Fox’s 8-Day Delay on Hulu Triggers Piracy Surge

It's been a week since Fox stopped offering free access to its TV-shows the day after they air on television, a decision that led to a dramatic spike in piracy. For TV-fans the decision to limit the availability of these shows is clearly a step backward.

Movie Studios Prepare Police Report Against ‘Netflix Proxy’ ISP

An anti-piracy group representing the interests of the movie industry says a proxy service just launched by an Icelandic service provider is illegal under copyright law. Tal's new premium product allows users to tunnel out of their home country and into the United States to watch Hulu and Netflix, but…

Dotcom’s Internet Party Wants to Abolish “Geo Blocking” Restrictions

Kim Dotcom's Internet Party has proposed drastic changes to New Zealand's "outdated" copyright law. One of the key proposals is to legalize the circumvention of geo-blocking restrictions, so that Hollywood has an incentive to release content globally. In addition, the party also wants to get rid of Internet disconnections under…

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