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US Pirate Party Study Shatters MPAA Claims

While the Pirate Party might be well known in Sweden, and heard of elsewhere around Europe, it's not really taken off in the country that prides itself as being 'the land of the free'. Unperturbed, the US Pirate Party has soldiered on and with the preliminary release of data from…

Thirty Years Since Betamax, and Movies Are Still Being Made

Thirty years ago yesterday the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled that time-shifting of TV shows using video recorders was legal. The ‘Betamax’ case, or Universal v Sony for its real name, has proven one thing for certain. When it came to the level of damages the industry predicted would be…

Lessig Questions Pirate Party’s Existence

At a preview of his new 'Change Congress' project, the Stanford professor took a swipe at the Pirate Party of the United States. Whilst expressing skepticism about it's utility, his main criticism seemed to be the name.

Supreme Court Refuses $675,000 File-Sharing Case

The case of the RIAA vs. Joel Tenenbaum – aka the case that will not die – took another turn today. Although not an entirely unexpected one. The Supreme Court has refused to hear his case. While this is not the be-all-and-end-all for the case, it’s another roadblock. At issue…

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