BitTorrent 2005 part 5, Filling the gap

When was taken offline 19 december 2004, there was a gap to fill. Initially lokitorrent took over. Lokitorrent's traffic tripled within a week. But a month later lokitorrent died too.

BitTorrent 2005 part 4, Bram Talking

BitTorrent's founder Bram Cohen doesn't like to be in the news a lot. But once you create the worlds most effective filesharing technology, you can't escape. Here are some quotes from Bram in 2005

BitTorrent 2005 part 2, Legal stuff

A lot of legal issues surrounded BitTorrent in 2005. MPAA's "war on BitTorrent" led to the death of two major torrentsites (torrentstop and lokitorrent) and several smaller sites in the beginning of 2005. But.. this was only the beginning...

BitTorrent 2005 part 1, A rough start

The year 2005 started without Suprnova was taken offline by its admin on 19 december 2004, which left a huge gap that was initially filled by Lokitorrent. It didn't take very long though. Nearly a month after Suprnova died, Lokitorrent was being sued by the MPAA.

Merry Christmas

Christmas… there is no way to escape from it. Even uTorrent hired their personal Santa, accompanied by some awfull music, to wish me a merry christmas. Read further to see the pic. Anyway, Merry Chrismas to you all.