Documentary: The Power of Nightmares

This a series of three BBC documentaries that show how fear is an ultimate tool for politicians to preserve their power. As director Adam Curtis puts it, "Instead of delivering dreams, politicians now promise to protect us: from nightmares."

Disciples II: Dark Prophecy on

Game companies have recently started distributing demos of their games over BitTorrent. Most stay away from "illegal" torrent sites like The Pirate Bay to avoid confusing customers, so the focus seems to be on An excellent turn-based strategy game called Disciples II: Dark Prophecy is one of the demos…

Faster Uploads Key to Improving BitTorrent Efficiency

One of the reasons people put down BitTorrent is because it can, at times, be slower than traditional protocols like HTTP and FTP. But the technology isn't at fault, it's the upload speeds of users that are capped, which prevents files from being shared more efficiently.