Tribler: Social BitTorrent Beta version Leaked

A private Beta version of Tribler, the new "social BitTorrent client" leaked to the public. The Beta version allows you to add friends and peers. Tribler also introduces "recommendations" based on your personal profile.

Isohunt and Torrentbox are determined to fight back

Yesterday the MPAA launched their new round of lawsuits against some of the bigger torrent sites. Today Isohunt says they're teaming up with torrentbox and other p2p-site operators, willing to fight for the "right for technological progress" and the legality of the (torrent) search engine itself.

Torrent sites under attack

The MPAA filed lawsuits against Torrentspy, Isohunt, Torrentbox, Niteshadow and Bthub. This could have a huge impact on the BitTorrent community since Torrentspy and Isohunt are two of the most frequently visited torrent sites.

Tribler: A social based, BitTorrent powered p2p network

Tribler is a new p2p network based on BitTorrent. Tribler allows you to create groups, friends and it supports tags and profiles. Optionally you can import existing groups from programs like MSN and Gmail. Tribler is based on the sourcecode of the ABC torrent client.

What if the good guys win?

Copyright is the right to copy. You can share, reproduce and use everything as long as privacy is not violated. BitTorrent will be bigger than Microsoft, p2p networks will replace tv-broadcasting companies. You will be free.