P2P Art

Mixed media artist and filmmaker Anders Weberg created a piece of P2P art. The experimental movie "Filter" is about by the emotional rollercoaster he went through when his son almost died.

Brein Scares a Couple More P2P Hobbyists

The Dutch Anti-Piracy organization BREIN has successfully "taken down" 19 filesharing websites. They now reached a total of 103 this year. Among their new trophies are at least two BitTorrent sites; torrentsplanet.com and easytorrent.eu.

Pirates Parties To Conquer Europe

Pirates are planning a mass attack on Europe. The Swedish Pirate Party is coordinating a pan-European electoral assault for the 2009 European Elections, says leader Rick Falkvinge.

Dreamhost Back to Blocking BitTorrent?

It turns out that the popular hosting company Dreamhost is shutting down any BitTorrent trackers hosted on its servers. In a letter to a customer, a representative of Dreamhost said "BitTorrent is strictly forbidden, both as a client and as a server right now."

BitTorrent Movie Download Chart (wk38)

This weeks most popular BitTorrent movie downloads. Ranking Movie Seeds / Peers 1 (2) Scary Movie 4 48,837 2 (4) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest 47,859 3 (1) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 47,800 4 (5) Beerfest 45,758 5 (8) Final Destination 3 42,985 6 (3)…

Solid State to Launch Hybrid BitTorrent Video Streaming Service

Solid State, a digital media delivery company has developed an advanced streaming technology based on the BitTorrent protocol. The company presented their peer-assisted streaming technology at the DEMOfall 2006 conference in San Diego. Technologies like this could save popular streaming websites like YouTube or Google Video a lot of money.…

Pirate Targeted Advertising

McDonald’s targets Pirates: “until you can illegally download food, this is your best deal… the mcdonalds dollar menu”.

Mininova’s Server Setup

What keeps the most popular BitTorrent site on the Internet in the air? In case you ever wondered, here's the answer.