TorrentFreak’s Most Memorable Quotes of 2007

We wrote hundreds of articles this year, it is nearly impossible to summarize all the things that happened, but here is a selection of some of the most funny, controversial and thought provoking quotes that passed.

3D Realms Use BitTorrent to Promote Duke Nukem Forever

The PC game 'Duke Nukem Forever' has been in production for 10 years so one way or another, it must've cost the developers a small fortune. However, as 3D Realms have decided to release their latest teaser on BitTorrent, distribution of their advertising content by this method will be reduced…

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2007

2007 is almost over so it's time to make a list of the Top 10 "public" BitTorrent sites getting the most traffic this year. Mininova is out in the lead followed by IsoHunt and The Pirate Bay. TorrentSpy, the most popular BitTorrent site last year, has dropped down to 6th…

Hackers Run Wild Spending BitTorrent Tracker’s Donations

The SuperTorrents BitTorrent tracker has been the subject of a major security breach, with hackers gaining access to private accounts from which they donated all the site's money to a religious group. The hackers even went as far as contacting the site's host and canceled all of their seedboxes.

Steal This Film 2 Goes Live

We've been waiting... and waiting... but STEAL THIS FILM II has finally been released, and it's available for free. The League of Noble Peers announce that film is intended to 'bring new people into the leagues of those now prepared to think 'after intellectual property', think creatively about the future…

Put a Head on the BitTorrent Hydra with xbtit

People in the BitTorrent community are familiar with the 'hydra' concept. When the mythical creature had one of its heads cut off, others grew in its place. Likewise the shutting of a torrent site results in the spawning of others in its place. We interview the developers of 'xbtit' who…

LimeWire Not as Popular as Recent Reports Suggest

Today several news sources again reported that 36.4% of all PCs have Limewire installed. The reports are based on a press release published by Digital Music News, who misinterpreted their own data. The acual install base is less than 18%, 17.92 to be exact.