The First Blu-Ray Movie on BitTorrent

For the first time, a 'cracked' Blu-Ray movie has been uploaded to BitTorrent. And no, it's not that 'Vivid' title that the TWiT hosts seem to be oh so familiar with. It's just the opposite. The first Blu-Ray movie on BitTorrent is the children's animation flick, Ice Age 2.

Holland Considers Banning DRM, Legalizing Filesharing

Last year the Dutch tried to tax all MP3 players, but that proposal didn't make it into law. But not to worry, they have other brilliant ideas. Earlier this week, Dutch politicians suggested that it might be a good idea to tax Internet traffic, and use this money to compensate…

How to Find Fake Torrents Uploaded by the MPAA and RIAA

The MPAA, RIAA and several anti-piracy organizations are constantly trying to trap people into downloading fake torrents. These torrents are hosted on trackers that are setup to collect IP addresses of all the 'pirates' who try to download these files.

BSA Monitoring BitTorrent Traffic

The Business Software Alliance, an organisation similar to the RIAA, is reportedly monitoring BitTorrent traffic in the UK. The software trade group that represents major vendors like Adobe, Microsoft and Symantec has contacted UK ISP Pipex with harvested IP addresses of its customers.

TorrentPod Episode 22

Charlie is back!!! Still recovering, but at least he gave it a try... Here's TorrentPod episode 22.