MPAA: We Were Only Testing Forest Blog

The MPAA have responded to the claims that they illegally used Patrick Robin's blogging software. They say they were only testing it, and that the blog was "never advertised to the public in any way". I wonder what would happen if a filesharer said he was just "testing" a movie.

Top 20 Less Known BitTorrent Sites

We all know about mininova, The Pirate Bay and Torrentz, but what few know is that there are a host of less known torrent sites that also have some great, and sometimes rare, content. Here are 20 of these less known torrent sites.

Discover and Download Free Music Albums with The Spiral

Jamendo just added a great new feature to their site that makes it easier to discover new music from their collection of over 2500 free music albums. It's like a remix of the Digg Swarm and Pandora, incuding free BitTorrent downloads.

BitTorrent Oscars: Pan’s Labyrinth Big Winner

The absolute winner of the OscarTorrent night 2007 is Pan's Labyrinth with 6 Oscars, including the Oscar for best foreign language film. Blood Diamond is runner up with 3 Oscars. An Inconvenient Truth, The Departed, and Children of Men were all rewarded with 2 Oscars, and Marty Scorsese got his…

The Corporate Enemies of Filesharers

If they aren't shutting down your favourite torrent site and sending you infringement notices they're filling your network with fakes, sueing you and invading your privacy. So who are the enemies of P2P and what are they doing to ruin your file-sharing experience? If you share files, it's time to… Launches Video Store

BitTorrent Inc has released the final details of their long awaited video store. The store itself will go live this Monday, and will offer movie rentals at $2.99 - $3.99, and "download to own" TV shows and music videos for $1.99. The "BitTorrent Entertainment Network" will start off with 5000+…