BitLet: A Cute Web-Based BitTorrent Client

BitLet is a cute web-based Java applet that allows you to download .torrent files on a computer that doesn't have a BitTorrent client installed. Very useful if you want to share a torrent with your BitTorrent illiterate friends, or if you're on a computer that doesn't have a BitTorrent client…

FOX Threatens Measures After The Simpsons Movie Leak

As The Simpsons Movie hits BitTorrent from a Czech source, it's being claimed that the Czech Republic's international reputation has been damaged by the leak. At the same time FOX turns up the rhetoric saying that measures will be taken by the 'tightening up' of movie distribution in the country.

The Pirate Bay Goes Simpsons

The popular BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay celebrates the release of the first illegal CAM version of "The Simpsons Movie" with a new logo and t-shirt design. Yet another slap in Hollywood's face.

BitTorrent Sites Shut Down, Admins Arrested

In a renewed effort to put a halt to piracy, Spanish Police shut down two BitTorrent sites. and were both taken offline and three administrators were arrested and accused of facilitating "copyright infringement".