How The FBI Dismantled a BitTorrent Community

On June 25th 2005, the homepage of the tracker displayed an ominous message. Thousands of members trying to log in to get a sneak peak at a leaked copy of Star Wars: Episode 3 were surprised and confused in equal numbers. Had the FBI really raided one of the…

3-Strikes Law Not Needed to Disconnect Pirates

In an attempt to cut down on so-called "illegal downloading" in the UK, the anti-piracy outfit BPI has sent out a round of intimidating emails, based on faulty evidence. BREIN plans to follow this example in The Netherlands, and meanwhile, the French Minister of culture is encouraging all EU member…

Deep Packet Inspection and Your Privacy Online

The Internet is a world penitentially embroiled in a Cold War. Now, as then, an arms race between factions is constantly ongoing, each working to counter the efforts of the other. Into this race, comes deep packet inspection, a serious threat to online privacy.

Coming Soon: Pirate TV Show

Jesse Alexander, the executive producer of the popular TV-shows 'Heroes' and 'Lost' and Matt Mason, author of 'The Pirate's Dilemma', are working on a new TV-show about piracy. The show will be based on Matt's book, and will show how important pirates are for today's society.

Portugal Hands Jail Sentence to First Convicted File-Sharer

In the first conviction of a file-sharer in the country, Portuguese authorities have handed down a harsh sentence of 90 days imprisonment in order to "set an example". The unnamed individual faced court after the Portuguese version of the RIAA issued a complaint about unauthorized uploading.

OiNK’s Bail Date Extended for the 4th Time

During October 2007, the popular BitTorrent tracker OiNK was shut down in a joint effort by Dutch and British law enforcement. Today, the bail date for OiNK admin Alan Ellis has been extended for a fourth time, now until the 28th of July.

Malaysian Government Orders Torrent Sites Shutdown

Reports are coming in that the government in Malaysia has ordered the immediate suspension of many BitTorrent trackers hosted in the country. In a shock move, the government - citing the 'Copyright Act 1987' - has ordered hosts to suspend servers hosting BitTorrent sites, pending an investigation. Many sites are…