Why the IFPI/Eircom Anti-Piracy Deal Sucks

This week, Irish ISP Eircom and the music industry avoided an expensive legal battle, and settled out of court with a deal to disconnect alleged pirates. Eircom didn't want to start using filtering technology to thwart pirates, so it made a deal with the labels instead - and it sucks.

Comcast Labels Innocent Customer a Movie Pirate

Comcast doesn't really have a good reputation in the BitTorrent community and it's getting worse by the day. They now have plans to cooperate with the RIAA and disconnect alleged copyright infringers. A worrisome development, especially since they have a tendency to accuse innocent customers.

DRM Jams the Gears of War: Crysis and GTA IV Next?

Players of the PC game Gears of War have a problem that means they are currently unable to even load their game. The reason – a hard-coded shutoff date in the DRM that prevents the game from playing. Yet again, DRM prevents an honestly purchased game from working. Will Crysis…

US Pirate Party Docks in California

In Europe, Pirate Parties have quite a following, especially in Sweden where a political scientist recently described them as a "classic civil right movement". The U.S. Pirate Party hopes to replicate some of this success, and officially launched in California today, the home of the movie industry.

Anti-Piracy Measures Don’t Work, Report Shows

Traffic management company Ipoque has just released a whitepaper, detailing pros and cons of different methods of dealing with piracy on P2P networks. Surprisingly, the conclusions in the paper are not straight adverts for their own products and services. We will highlight some of the Good, the Bad, and the…

Government Refuses to Revoke Draconian File-Sharing Law

Despite calls from the public, pressure groups and ISPs, the New Zealand government has refused to withdraw the planned Section 92 of the Copyright Amendment Act. The controversial act provides ‘Guilt Upon Accusation’, meaning that those simply accused of file-sharing are disconnected from the Internet.

Google Joins Fight Against BitTorrent Throttling ISPs

Hundreds of ISPs all over the world limit and restrict BitTorrent traffic on their networks. Unfortunately, most companies are not very open about their network management solutions. With a newly launched website, Google is now helping out by supporting applications that distinguish the good ISPs from the bad.

ISP Capitulates to IFPI, Agrees to Disconnect Pirates

Up until today, the 'Big Four' record labels were taking legal action against Ireland's biggest ISP, Eircom, in order to force it to employ filtering technology to stop online pirates. The case has been aborted as Eircom, at the behest of the music industry, has agreed to start disconnecting those…