uTorrent iPhone App Rejected by Apple, Goes Underground

Apple is known for the stringent guidelines it applies when deciding which software it allows in their App Store - BitTorrent is one of the things on their ban list. Apple argues that BitTorrent is often used to infringe copyrights and that such applications are a no go for the…

Dozens of Copyright Groups Petition Against File-Sharing

September 1st will see the start of a new anti-filesharing initiative. The petition called "Share - Do Not Steal" is currently supported by 1,750 copyright holders and 36 groups including record, movie, TV and games companies. It will be publicized in Norway's press tomorrow morning.

When Pirates Become Copyright Cash Cows

Copyright laws were once written to allow content creators to protect their work, but at an increasing rate copyright is used to carefully extract money from file-sharers. Some tracking companies go as far as leasing copyrights, with the sole intent of setting up a 'honey pot' for pirates.

Band Thanks File-Sharing For Greater Exposure and Success

There are many bands around the world who would rather not see their material getting exposure on file-sharing networks. Canadian band Great Lake Swimmers take a different view. File-sharing is "global word of mouth" they say, and are happy this so-called piracy has enabled them to become familiar to a…

Pirate Bay Buyer Has Car and Motorcycle Repossessed

As if his financial issues couldn't get any worse, the CEO of Global Gaming Factory suffered yet another humiliating setback yesterday. After a tax debt of more of $110,000 went unpaid, enforcement officers swooped last night, repossessing Hans Pandeya's car and a motorcycle.

No Pirate Bay Deal, Says Key GGF Technology Partner

Peerialism, the company set to provide the revolutionary P2P technology behind the new Pirate Bay, has announced that it is doubtful that it will do any business with Global Gaming Factory. GGF are supposed to buy Peerialism, but CEO Johan Ljungberg said that's doubtful since the company has no money.

Former MP Joins Pirate Party Germany

Herbert Rusche, the co-founder of the German Green Party and former member of the German Parliament, has joined the Pirate Party. Rusche praises the party for its open structure and its efforts to protect people’s privacy and fundamental rights. Those issues, he says, are the ones established parties fail to…