Pirate Bay Will Continue to ‘Stick it to The Man’ in 2017

The Pirate Bay, widely considered as the bastion of piracy, plans to keep growing in 2017. TorrentFreak spoke with one of its crew members who says the site will continue to help unselfish file-sharers stick it to the man while protesting copyright exploitation.

New KickassTorrents Team Condemns Jailing of Music Pirate

The people behind the resurrected KickassTorrents have condemned the sentence handed to one of the site's former music releasers. After uploading Top40 songs to the old KAT, Wayne Evans was sent to prison for 12 months, something the team describes as "offensive in the extreme."

Google Removed Over 900 Million ‘Pirate’ Links in 2016

Google removed over 900 million pirate site URLs from its search results in 2016. The staggering number is an increase of nearly 100% compared to the year before. While Google has taken some steps to make pirate sites less visible, it continues to disagree with rightsholders on how to move…

‘Deadpool’ is the Most Torrented Movie of 2016

As 2016 nears its conclusion we take a look at the most pirated movies of the year on public torrent sites. Deadpool comes out on top in a list that's heavily populated by superhero and comic movies, without any major surprises.

2016 Was The Year Torrent Giants Fell

2016 has been a memorable year for torrent users but not in a good way. Over a period of just a few months, several of the largest torrent sites vanished from the scene. From KickassTorrents, through Torrentz to What.cd, several torrent giants have left the scene.

Infamous Piracy Group Says it’s Ready to Start Leaking Screeners

The group that was behind some of the biggest movie screener leaks of last year says it is ready to start leaking them again. Interestingly, Hive-CM8 says that it didn't want to make the same mistakes as it did last year by releasing before Christmas or in advance of films…

Anti-Piracy Crusader’s Sex Engine is a Pirate Linking Site After DNS Hijack

Four years ago, adult industry worker Robert King launched the StopFileLockers campaign, an anti-piracy initiative designed to shut down cyberlockers. Now, in 2016 and thanks to a DNS hijack, a domain bought by Robert King to act as a search engine is serving up an indexing site which uses cyberlockers…