BitTorrent Blocklists Are Even Less Effective Than Pirate Site Blocking

For my years, some pirates have been putting their faith in so-called 'peer blocking' apps that aim to prevent anti-piracy agencies from connecting to their clients and monitoring their activities. Unfortunately, they have never worked and won't ever be effective in the future. For those who still aren't convinced, think…

TorrentFreak’s 18 Most Read Articles of 2018

With 2018 nearing its end, we take a look at the most-read news articles posted on TorrentFreak this year. The troubles at various torrent sites including The Pirate Bay and Demonoid made quite an impact, as did the Terrarium TV shutdown and Nintendo's legal campaign against ROM sites.

Anti-Piracy Companies Continually Report IMDb as a Pirate Site

For movie fans everywhere, IMDb is one of the world's best resources for information. Sadly, however, many anti-piracy companies can't tell the difference between IMDb and a pirate site. Ironically, their copyright complaints to Google do nothing except hurt the visibility of the content they claim to protect.

Pirate IPTV Services Will Be Blocked Says Set-Top Box Manufacturer

Infomir, the manufacturer of the popular MAG range of set-top boxes, says it will block the portals of suspected copyright-infringing IPTV providers following complaints from copyright holders. While MAG devices are used to access plenty of legal services, the news will come as a blow to large numbers of customers…

First Pirated DVD Screeners of the Season Leak Online

The first pirated DVD screeners have just made their way onto various pirate sites. This year the honor goes to Green Book, which was quickly followed by Ralph Breaks the Internet. Release group Hive-CM8 notes that it's a bigger challenge this year as they lost access to crucial contacts, but…

UK Police Arrest Man Over ‘Nintendo Switch’ Modding, Warn Game Pirates

City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) arrested an alleged Nintendo Switch modder this month. The man was suspected of infringing Nintendo's copyrights but got off with a caution. At the same time, PIPCU warned those who are considering buying modded consoles or download pirated games.