Pirate Site Owner Found Guilty, But He Can Keep The Profits


The 47-year-old operator of Filmfix, a site that offered paid access to torrent links, has been found guilty of facilitating copyright infringement by a District Court in Lund, Sweden. The man was sentenced to 120 hours of community service but can keep the site's profits, as there was no hard proof that users paid for pirated content directly.

Ares Kodi Project Calls it Quits After Hollywood Cease & Desist

The Ares Project, the group behind the hugely popular Ares Wizard and Kodi repository, has thrown in the towel. Like several other projects this week, Ares was threatened by the MPA-led anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. Speaking with TorrentFreak, its operator warns that those behind similar projects should exercise caution.

Center For Justice Wants Court to Unveil Copyright Trolling Secrets


Center for Justice, a Washington non-profit organization, has asked a federal court to unseal several documents that may provide more insight into the financial agreements between filmmakers, lawyers and piracy tracking outfits. The so-called copyright trolling operations may, in fact, be well-coordinated "illegal settlement factories" that prey on people with limited financial resources.

Kodi Addon Developers Quit Following Threats From MPA, Netflix, Amazon


Two Kodi addon developers, both of whom distributed addons via the popular Colussus addon repository, have been told to cease and desist their activities. A letter delivered to one, apparently by hand in the UK, reveals that the MPA/MPAA led Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, which counts Netflix and Amazon among its members, is behind the action.

Cracking Group 3DM Loses Piracy Case Against Game Maker


The infamous Chinese cracking group 3DM has lost its legal battle with Koei Tecmo. A Chinese court sided with the game maker, awarding the company the equivalent of $245,000 in piracy damages and legal fees. In addition, the group is ordered to stop pirating Koei Tecmo games in future.

Swedish Data Authority Investigates Piracy Settlement Letters


Letters being sent out to Internet account holders in Sweden accusing them of copyright infringement are under investigation by Sweden's Data Protection Authority. Since the letters demand a cash payment, they could be considered a debt collection measure. If that's indeed the case, they must comply with strict legislation.

Judge Puts Brakes on Piracy Cases, Doubts Evidence Against Deceased Man


A federal court in Seattle has asked a copyright holder of the film "Once Upon a Time in Venice" to provide more information on the evidence it has against accused BitTorrent pirates. The accuracy of the tracking tools was put in doubt after the company sued a now-deceased man, who was mentally and physically incapable of operating a computer at the time of the accusation.

The Pirate Bay & 1337x Must Be Blocked, Austrian Supreme Court Rules

After a prolonged battle through every stage of the Austrian legal system, the Supreme Court has now ruled that local ISPs must prevent their subscribers from accessing The Pirate Bay. The case, filed by a collecting society representing around 3,000 artists, also involves top 10 torrent site 1337x and long defunct index h33t.to.

Microsoft Sued Over ‘Baseless’ Piracy Threats


Microsoft and the BSA are accusing Rhode Island-based company Hanna Instruments of pirating software. Despite facing threats of millions of dollars in damages the company maintains its innocence, backed up by license keys and purchase receipts. The BSA's lawyers are not convinced, however, so Hanna have decided to take the matter to court.