Megaupload Case Takes Toll on Finn Batato, But He’ll Keep Fighting


It's easy to forget that Kim Dotcom is not the only one being hounded by the US Government. Finn Batato was Megaupload's advertising manager, but today he's facing extradition to the US and potentially decades in jail. After spending his savings fighting his case, he's now trying to save his marriage while conducting his own defense.

Pirate Bay Prosecution In Trouble, Time Runs Out For Investigators

At the end of 2014 Swedish police confiscated dozens of servers which many believed to belong to The Pirate Bay. The authorities later confirmed that an investigation involving copyright crimes was ongoing, but not much progress has been reported since. According to the prosecutor, the case isn't getting any stronger, as the statute of limitations for several key crimes is expiring.

Torrent Legend Mininova Will Shut Down For Good


Mininova, once the largest BitTorrent site on the Internet, will soon shut its doors for good. The site's forum will close next week followed by the rest of the site a month later. The Mininova team is proud of the role they played in Internet history but they are being forced to stop as their legal distribution platform isn't sustainable.

All Oscar Nominees Are Available on Pirate Sites

Shortly before the start of the Academy Awards ceremony, we take a look at the availability of the leading contenders on various pirate sites. As it turns out, all of the 37 prime Oscar nominees are readily available on torrent and streaming sites, most as a high-quality release.

HBO Goes After ‘Online’ Pirates in the Caribbean


Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most successful Hollywood productions in recent history, but for HBO it's also a very real threat. Earlier this month HBO LA reported several Caribbean countries to the U.S. Government because they fail to take a stand against pirating cable operators, hotels, and sellers of pirate streaming boxes.

Swedish Internet Users Face New Wave of Piracy Cash Demands


After fighting off one wave of copyright trolls last year, Sweden thought that would be the end of the cash demands. But a new wave is about to hit the country, involving British, German and Danish companies. Pulling the strings behind the scenes are familiar faces that are involved with these controversial practices worldwide.