Key Internet Players Excoriate Canadian Pirate Site Blocking Plan


The Internet Society and the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) are fiercely against the Canadian pirate site blocking plan. With prominent members such as Amazon and Google, i2Coalition points out that the "internet censorship" proposal would stifle innovation and cause tremendous collateral damage.

Controversial Roku ‘Piracy’ Ban Stays in Place in Mexico


Last year the Superior Court of Justice of the City of Mexico responded to a copyright complaint filed by a TV company by banning all imports and sales of Roku devices. After a temporary suspension of the decision, the ban soon returned and the company and various sales outlets have been fighting ever since. New rulings mean that the controversial restrictions will continue, at least for now.

Owner of ShareBeast and AlbumJams Sentenced To Five Years in Prison


Last September, Artur Sargsyan, the owner and operator of a number of piracy-focused websites including,, and, pleaded guilty to criminal copyright infringement. Yesterday a U.S. District Judge sentenced the 30-year-old to five years in prison, three years of supervised release, and more than $642,000 in restitution and forfeiture.

Release Windows of Digital Movie Downloads Are Shrinking


An often heard motivation for people to illegally download or stream content is the long gap between a movie's theatrical release and its debut through other channels. New research shows that for digital downloads this gap is shrinking rapidly. But is that enough?

Google Should Begin Delisting Pirate Sites, Aussie Rightsholders Say


Search engines such as Google and Bing should be forced to de-list pirate sites from search results to enhance Australia's site-blocking regime. That's the call from entertainment companies including Village Roadshow and Foxtel, who have responded to a government consultation on the efficacy and future standing of the country's leading anti-piracy mechanism.

Dotcom’s Bid to Compel Obama to Give Evidence Rejected By High Court


Kim Dotcom's bid to compel Barack Obama to give evidence in his damages lawsuit against the New Zealand government has failed. Chief High Court Judge, Justice Geoffrey Venning described Dotcom's application as premature but also noted that even if Obama had relevant information to offer, he would need time to prepare. Dotcom said that Obama's time will come.

Online Piracy Is More Popular Than Ever, Research Suggests

A broad and detailed report from piracy tracking outfit MUSO shows that visits to pirate sites went up last year. The company recorded more than 300 billion visits in 2017, which suggests that "piracy is more popular than ever." TV remained the most popular category and most pirates prefer streaming over torrents or direct downloading.

Dotcom Affidavit Calls For Obama to Give Evidence in Megaupload Case

Former US president Barack Obama will jet into New Zealand later today with an extensive ban on media and publicity in place. One person who won't be shying away is Kim Dotcom, who has seized the opportunity to file an affidavit with the High Court. Dotcom suggests that the political motivations behind the Megaupload case mean that Obama should give evidence while he's in New Zealand.