The Confessions of a Camming Movie Pirate

After being sentenced to close to three years in prison for recording the movie Fast & Furious 6 and uploading it to the Internet, Philip Danks was released last month. Today we reveal the inside story of what made this UK-based 'cammer' tick, from procuring recording equipment to plans for a getaway should it all go wrong.

Thousands of “Spies” Are Watching Trackerless Torrents


BitTorrent is a very efficient way to share large files, but not a very private one. It's commonly known that anti-piracy outfits monitor users through public trackers. However, new research reveals that BitTorrent's DHT is also full of "spies" who actively harvest IP-addresses.

Anti-Piracy Activities Get VPNs Banned at Torrent Sites

This week users of popular torrent sites found that they could no longer access them using their VPN. Speaking with TorrentFreak the operator of one of the affected sites revealed that the IP ranges of a popular VPN provider had been banned after they were used for massive anti-piracy activities.…

Torrent Sites Remove Millions of Links to Pirate Content


Pirate Bay aside, pretty much all large torrent sites remove links to pirated content when they're asked to. Bitsnoop, for example, has deleted more than two million torrents, and at KickassTorrents the counter recently exceeded 850,000. Interestingly, Google often receives more takedown requests targeting torrents than the source sites themselves.

Comcast User Hit With 112 DMCA Notices in 48 Hours

According to a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania this week, a Comcast user was sent a staggering 112 DMCA notices in just 48 hours after downloading and sharing a single torrent. The unlucky user was targeted for sharing the discography of Dog Fashion Disco, a long defunct metal band previously known…

Copyright Trolls Announce UK ‘Anti-Piracy’ Invasion

Tens of thousands of Internet subscribers are at risk of receiving piracy settlement demands after copyright trolls announced they are preparing to launch one of the largest ever anti-piracy campaigns in the UK. The new wave of enforcement actions is supported by piracy tracking firm Maverick Eye who work with…

Verizon Fights Copyright Troll Demands in Court

Verizon is protesting a broad subpoena the company received from Malibu Media, one of the most active copyright trolls in the United States. The ISP is fighting a deposition of its employees and is refusing to hand over private correspondence and information about modems and other equipment, citing the copyright…

Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Microsoft ‘Shamed’ as Piracy Sponsors

Car manufacturers including Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Volvo plus technology giant Microsoft are just a handful of the 100 major companies set to be outed as sponsors of piracy sites by the Russian government. The move is part of the growing "follow the money" campaign aimed at strangling the…