Netflix is ‘Killing’ DVD Sales, Research Finds


Netflix has rapidly become the go-to destination for many movie and TV fans. The service is bringing in billions for copyright holders, but it also has a downside. New research shows that the availability of content on Netflix can severely hurt physical disc sales, which traditionally have been the industry's largest revenue source.

BT’s Piracy Warning Information is Confusing and Outdated


UK ISPs will soon begin sending piracy warning notices to their subscribers on behalf of the Get it Right From a Genuine Site campaign. BT, one of the ISPs involved, has just published an advisory which aims to inform customers how the system will work. While it's generally helpful, it confusingly mixes up terminology and focuses on out-dated sharing systems.

Record Labels Target ‘Singing’ President Obama with Takedown Notices


President Obama has many talents, and with help from the people at "baracksdubs" he can sing virtually any song. Whether it's Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' or Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas,' Obama can do it. These parodies have also drawn the attention of some rightsholders who, perhaps unintentionally, are targeting them with takedown requests.

Landmark Movie Streaming Trial Gets Underway in Sweden

A landmark trial of two men accused of running a popular streaming site begins today. The operators of Swefilmer, whose case had been put on hold pending a copyright ruling from the European Court, face charges of copyright infringement and money laundering. The case is a first of its kind in Sweden.

More Pirated Movie Screeners Leak Online

After weeks of anticipation, more pirated copies of awards screeners began appearing online this week. With leaked copies of Arrival, Hidden Figures, Patriots Day, Moonlight and La La Land, it appears that the pirate "screener season" is properly underway.

Pirate Apps Corrupt Kids & Bust Your TV, Industry Warns


Modified Kodi devices might be a great way to enjoy streaming content but they can corrupt your children and damage your TV. That's the message from The Industry Trust for IP Awareness and, who are warning parents that pirate devices and software have no age controls and could even damage your TV.