BitTorrent Is Reportedly Selling for $140 Million


BitTorrent Inc, the parent company behind the popular file-sharing client uTorrent, recently made a deal to sell to Justin Sun, the founder of cryptocurrency TRON. According to new information, Sun has agreed to pay $140 million for the company. While no details have yet been confirmed, a shareholder notes that BitTorrent will in part be used to “legitimize” TRON’s business.

Foxtel Pirate Site Blocking Application Could Be Granted in Record Time


Foxtel has returned to Federal Court in Sydney with a new application to block 'pirate' sites. The company is targeting several torrent indexes including ETTV and plus streaming sites Sockshare, WatchFreeMovies, and others. Each stand accused of providing unlawful access to TV shows including Game of Thrones. Due to streamlining, the order could be granted in just days.

Torrents Turn Rambo-Prequel Novel into a Success


When the aspiring Italian author Wallace Lee had his stories about Rambo targeted with a takedown notice, he considered becoming a "pirate writer." Luckily, however, Rambo's creator came to the rescue by officially sanctioning his work. And with help from torrent sites, "Rambo Year One" is now a critically acclaimed success.

Sceper Set to Return After Attempted Sale “Turned Into a Scam”

Sceper, one of the most popular release blogs of recent times, disappeared without warning earlier this year after "real-life" issues got in the way of delivering pirate media to the masses. Now the site is preparing a comeback after the planned sale of the platform reportedly turned into an attempted scam. Sceper's co-owner gives TorrentFreak the lowdown.

U.S. Drops Indictment Against Alleged Operator of Pirate App Store


The US Government has asked a federal court in Georgia to dismiss the indictment against an alleged pirate app store operator. This means that, after more than half a decade, this case will be closed. The US previously accused the defendant of being linked to Applanet, but could not back up the copyright infringement charges.

Yandex and Google Put on Notice Over ‘Pirate’ Search Results


Russia's most powerful entertainment producers and distributors have written to Yandex, the country's leading search provider, demanding the removal of 'pirate' sites from search results. The letter, signed by movie, music, and TV bosses, demands both detection and deletion of content. According to one of the signatories, Google will receive the same letter.

PayPal Bans Soulseek Over Piracy Concerns, Again


Soulseek, one of the oldest file-sharing applications around, has been banned from accepting donations through PayPal due to piracy concerns. According to digital rights group EFF, which tried to intervene on behalf of Soulseek, this is a form of "financial censorship" that's become increasingly widespread.