U.S. ISPs and Rightsholders Work on Improved Anti-Piracy Measures


The MPAA, RIAA and five large U.S. Internet providers have extended the "Six Strikes" anti-piracy system until late next month, TorrentFreak has learned. The agreement expired last summer but has been extended several times while the parties involved work towards making it future-proof.

$38 Script Spawns Dozens of Free Spotify-Like Sites


Last month we were alerted to a beautiful site that merged the smart looks and playlists of Spotify with the music of YouTube to make a very decent free streaming service. Little did we know that almost anyone can put together a similar platform in minutes, all for an initial…

Hollywood Escalates “DVD Ripping” Case to International Incident

A group of Hollywood studios and technology partners have asked the U.S. Government to assist in solving a long-running court battle against the Antigua based software company SlySoft. Despite an earlier conviction SlySoft continues to offer its DVD and BluRay ripping tools. To progress the matter, rightsholders have asked the…

Court Orders Web-Blocking Monitoring Site To Be Blocked

A human rights organization that monitors web-censorship and pirate site blockades in Russia has been ordered to be blocked by a local court. After a legal challenge failed to convince prosecutors, RuBlacklist was advised this week that it has just three days left before local Internet service providers block the…

uTorrent Debuts Ad-Free Client for $4.95 Per Year

The uTorrent team has introduced a new ad-free version of the popular file-sharing client. Users can now buy a yearly $4.95 subscription to download the latest torrents without being subjected to ads. The new client is part of an experiment to optimize the user experience.

Torrents-Time Faces Security Concerns


Torrents-Time, the browser plug-in which allows people to stream torrents from The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents, has been flagged as insecure by several developers. Responding to the criticism, Torrents-Time just released an update with several fixes and improvements.

82-Year-Old Great-Grandmother is a Pirate, Trolls Say


People who've managed to live for more than eight decades should be enjoying a peaceful and uncomplicated existence but for UK-based Sky customer Sheila Drew things are not so straightforward. She's being accused of being an Internet pirate - and has two letters and a £600 bill to prove it.

Hang on…..3DM Now Suggest They’ve Cracked Denuvo

With the video games market excited at the prospect of 3DM taking a year-long break, the Chinese cracking group has just thrown a wrench in the works. According to 3DM's leader, speculation that her team can't beat Denuvo has proven too much and they now appear determined to publish a…