RUTracker “Lifetime Block” Lawsuit Filed By Music Industry

Major recording labels including Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music and EMI have filed a lawsuit to have one of the world's largest torrent sites blocked forever. Last month RuTracker offered to let the labels moderate its tracker in return for leniency but that proposition appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Thousands of Torrent Site Proxies Disappear

Thousands of reverse proxies that provided access to blocked torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents have mysteriously disappeared. The vanished proxies are linked to the ProxyHouse operation and many of the associated domain names are now listed for sale.

Popcorn Time For Music Has Arrived!


This weekend the long-awaited music app Aurous was released to the public. The app's creator promised that the app would be the Popcorn Time for music, but can it really live up to that momentous claim? And what about TorrentTunes?

Is Streaming Pirated Movies Illegal? EU Court to Decide

Seeking clarification, a Dutch court has referred several streaming related questions to the EU Court of Justice. The questions relate to a case between local anti-piracy group BREIN and a seller of so-called "pirate boxes" that come pre-loaded with streaming plugins. It is currently unclear whether streaming pirated movies is…

Dallas Buyers Club Refuses to Give Up on Australia Piracy Battle

Dallas Buyers Club (DBC) is pressing ahead with efforts to bring its piracy lawsuit business model to Australia. Despite a big setback in August which meant the company would have to post a AUS$600,000 bond before contacting 4,726 alleged infringers, DBC has now returned to court with a counter-offer targeting…

Movie Piracy Veteran Recalls 20 Years in The Scene

A piracy veteran of 20 years has been telling TorrentFreak about his life in a world-famous 'Scene' release group. Formerly a key member of notorious movie piracy group 'MaTinE', SaInT began honing his craft in the 90s and over the next two decades worked with groups including Centropy. A 2013…

Game Makers Issue Torrent Site & Cloud Pirate Warning

The Entertainment Software Association, whose members include EA, Nintendo, Playstation and Ubisoft, has reported several pirate sites and services to the U.S. Government. Torrent site KickassTorrents is outed as one of the main facilitators of piracy. In addition, the group signals a new threat in which "pirate servers" allow users…

Leaked TPP Chapter Proposes Drastic Copyright Changes


A leaked chapter of the final Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement proposes several changes to the copyright laws of participating countries. The intellectual property chapter covers a broad range of issues including extended copyright terms, ISP liability and criminalization of non-commercial piracy.