Deep Down, Games Pirates Love Enemies Like Denuvo


Denuvo is considered to be the most despicable anti-piracy mechanism known to man although lately it's been almost completely dismantled. But while hardcore pirates celebrate its current demise they're forgetting one thing. Having a bogeyman and then slapping a fat piratey pie in his face is almost a fun as playing the game.

MP3 Stream Rippers Are Not Illegal Sites, EFF Tells US Government

The music industry is doing its best to shutter YouTube converter sites and the RIAA recently reported several of them to the US Government. This didn't sit well with digital rights group EFF, who wrote a reply stressing that the music group is twisting the law, as stream ripping sites are not by definition illegal.

UK ‘Pirate’ Kodi Box Seller Handed a Suspended Prison Sentence

A man who sold devices loaded with Kodi and 'pirate' third-party addons has been handed a suspended sentence. After protesting his innocence and insisting he wanted to test the limits of the law, last month Brian Thompson pleaded guilty, ending the possibility of a landmark case testing unchartered areas of copyright law.

US Senators Ask Apple Why VPN Apps Were Removed in China


Two US senators have written to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking why the company reportedly removed VPN apps from the company's store in China. "If these reports are true," the senators wrote, "we are concerned that Apple may be enabling the Chinese government's censorship and surveillance of the Internet."

Anti-Piracy Group Joins Internet Organization That Controls Top-Level Domain

An anti-piracy outfit, whose members include major international studios and record labels, has been welcomed as a member of the organization with overall responsibility for Denmark's top-level domain. Rights Alliance, which is behind the blocking of dozens of leading torrent and streaming sites, says it wants to create a "more secure internet" for companies doing business online.

Google Asked to Remove 3 Billion “Pirate” Search Results

Copyright holders have now asked Google to remove more than 3,000,000,000 allegedly infringing links from its search engine results since it began publishing records. A new milestone for sure, but not one celebrated anywhere. While Google sees it as confirmation that the DMCA process is working, copyright holders still have plenty of work to do.