Paramount Cracks Down on “The Godfather” Pirates, After 44 Years


The all-time classic The Godfather is not too far away from its 50 year anniversary, but that doesn't mean Paramount Pictures is letting people pirate the movie without consequences. Over the past several months the movie studio has sent warnings targeting alleged pirates, including a mention of a potential lawsuit.

Ten Websites Hit With 70m DMCA Complaints in a Year

As copyright holders try to make copyrighted content harder to find, many send infringement reports to Google. According to the company's Transparency Report the top ten targets are focused on file-hosting, site unblocking, and music downloads. Google has received a staggering 70 million complaints about them - in the last…

BSA Pays Disgruntled Employees to Rat on ‘Pirating’ Bosses


The Business Software Alliance, a trade group representing Adobe, Apple and Microsoft, is known to offer cash payments to people who help them find companies that run unlicensed software. Today we speak with an attorney who has represented more than 250 defendants in these cases, which are regularly triggered by…

Police Conducting “World’s Largest” Pirate Box Crackdown

Police in Scotland say they are conducting the world's biggest 'pirate box' crackdown. Together with the Federation Against Copyright Theft, police are targeting sellers of Android-style set-top boxes and believe that thousands of pubs could be customers. In addition, three torrent sites have been closed down.

New Hollywood Injunction Blocks CouchTuner, Putlocker & More


The major Hollywood studios of the MPA have obtained their first new High Court injunction in more than a year targeting so-called 'pirate' sites. The latest order targets several leading streaming sites including CouchTuner, MerDB, Putlocker variants, Watchfree and Xmovies8.

Huge Billboard Protests VPN Blocking at Netflix HQ

Netflix's ongoing VPN crackdown is meeting fierce resistance from concerned users around the world. Today, privacy activists are driving a massive billboard around Netflix's headquarters, hoping the company will respect their privacy and reverse the broad VPN ban.