SXSW 2018 on BitTorrent: 8.24 GB of ‘Free’ Music?


The South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival is one of the largest and most popular in the United States. For the fourteenth year in a row, it's promoting tracks of the performing artists. Years ago the festival released these tracks for free via BitTorrent, but times have changed. While "SXSW Torrent" keeps the tradition alive, it's not as 'free' as it once was.

Vodafone Appeals Decision Forcing it to Block Pirate Streaming Site Kinox


Following a complaint from a German movie distribution company, last month a court ordered ISP Vodafone to block subscribers from accessing popular pirate streaming portal It was the first blocking order of its type in Germany but now Vodafone is digging in its heels, appealing the decision on the grounds it undermines consumer rights and its freedom to do business.

MPAA Brands 123Movies as the World’s Most Popular Illegal Site

The MPAA is visiting Vietnam to discuss with local authorities how they can properly deal with movie piracy sites. One target that was singled out is 123movies, a streaming site that is said to be operated from Vietnam. According to the movie industry group, it is "the most popular illegal site in the world."

‘Dutch Pirate Bay Blocking Case Should Get a Do-Over’


In the legal battle over the legality of the Dutch Pirate Bay blockade, Advocate General Van Peursem has advised the Supreme Court to throw out the previous order and do the case all over again. Citing recent EU jurisprudence, the Attorney General suggests that the previous freedom of entrepreneurship and information defenses are less likely to survive a do-over.

Local Governments in Mexico Might ‘Pirate’ Dragon Ball Super

Hit anime TV series Dragon Ball Super reaches episode 130 this Saturday with millions lining up to watch "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!" In Mexico, it looks like turning into a national event, with local governments planning screenings in football stadiums and other public places. Trouble is, they have no license to do so and Toei, the company behind the series, is extremely unhappy.

Deezer Piles Pressure on Pirates, Deezloader Reborn Throws in the Towel

Music streaming service Deezer is piling on the pressure in order to stop people downloading music from its service. Various tools have already been targeted but even evasive action appears to enjoy limited success. After moving from code repository Github to Gitlab following a copyright complaint, the popular Deezloader Reborn tool has been hit once again and is now out for good.

Tamilrockers Arrests: Police Parade Alleged Movie Pirates on TV


Three men said to be behind notorious India-focused pirate site Tamilrockers have been arrested. One of the men is believed to be a site administrator and all are said to be well educated, with degrees in computer science and engineering. Indian police paraded the men before the media yesterday. Two other men, reportedly linked to partner site DVD Rockers, were also detained.

Microsoft: Poisoned Torrent Client Triggered Coin Miner Outbreak


A poisoned version of MediaGet, an all-in-one BitTorrent client developed in Russia, was used to offload malicious cryptocurrency miners. According to research from Microsoft, the application helped to kick off the Dofoil campaign that targeted hundreds of thousands of computers. Mediaget says that the issue has been fully resolved at their end.