Australia Shelves Copyright Safe Harbor For Google, Facebook, et al


In a surprise setback for companies such as Google and Facebook that leverage user-generated content, Australia has dropped plans to extend its copyright safe harbor provisions. The move follows intense pressure from copyright holders, who said that a change in the law would hurt artists' ability to get fairly paid for their work.

Studios Mull New Movies at Home, 30 Days After Release For $30


If a plan by six major studios comes to fruition, consumers could be enjoying new movies in the home as early as 30 days after theatrical release for as little as $30. While that could slash the current delay by more than a third, negotiations are said to be at an early stage, with studios in disagreement over time-scales and compensation payments to theater chains.

‘Pirate’ Kodi Box Sellers Fail to Overturn Sales Ban in Canada


Sellers of so-called "fully" loaded set-top boxes have failed in their bid to have a Canada sales ban lifted. An injunction was granted by the Federal Court last June after content producers and cable companies took action against sellers of Kodi and Showbox-enabled devices. The Federal Court of Appeal in Montreal has now upheld the ban.

UK’s Piracy Blocklist Now Exceeds 3,800 URLs


By now, most UK Internet users have gotten used to pirate sites being blocked by their ISPs. Internet providers have been ordered to block a wide variety of torrent, direct download and streaming portals that offer copyright-infringing content. The full list uf URLs, which includes several reverse proxies, has now swelled to more than 3,800 according to one of the ISPs involved.

Kim Dotcom’s Historical Speeding Conviction Still a Deportation Danger


Could a historical speeding conviction see Kim Dotcom kicked out of New Zealand if the case to extradite him to the United States fails? That's the situation faced by the Megaupload founder, as an investigation into how he became a resident in the country after not declaring a traffic offense turns two-and-a-half years old.

Getty Images Slams Google For Seeking Copyright Safe Harbor

The proposed introduction of a 'safe harbor' provision to Australian copyright law is producing yet more conflict today, with Getty Images accusing Google of promoting piracy. The image library says providers like Google "do nothing" to detect or prevent copyright infringement and that safe harbors actually encourage them to turn a blind eye.

Demonoid Returns After Two Months Downtime

After nearly two months of downtime, the semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid resurfaced online this weekend. The site was pulled offline due to hosting problems and had to endure some internal struggles as well, but barring a few bugs, it's now back in action.