Denuvo Has Been Sold to Global Anti-Piracy Outfit Irdeto

Denuvo, the company behind the world's most famous video game anti-piracy system, has been sold. The buyer is global anti-piracy outfit Irdeto, which specializes in protecting all kinds of content, with an emphasis on the audio-visual sector. The news comes a day after Denuvo's latest protection was defeated by pirates after a couple of months in the wild.

Hollywood Says Only Site-Blocking Left to Beat Piracy in New Zealand


The Motion Picture Distributors’ Association, which represents the major Hollywood studios in New Zealand, says that there is "nothing" that can be done to tackle piracy other than site-blocking. Noting the local popularity of The Pirate Bay, MPDA is placing faith in government to pass the necessary legislation. Meanwhile, so-called "Kodi-boxes" are cited as a rising threat.

Planned Piracy Upload Filters are ‘Censorship Machines,’ MEPs Warn


In a new campaign video, several Members of the European Parliament warn that the EU's proposed mandatory upload filters pose a threat to freedom of speech. The new filters would function as “censorship machines” which are "completely disproportionate," they say. The MEPs encourage the public to speak up, while they still can.

Thor Ragnarok Furiously Pirated After iTunes Pre-Order Blunder

Marvel's Thor Ragnarok was due it be released digitally on February 19th. However, some kind of blunder at Apple means that people using MoviesAnywhere and Vudu were offered it for immediate download via iTunes. Copies are now all over the Internet and getting pirated at a furious rate.

Copyright Trolls Obtained Details of 200,000 Finnish Internet Users


In general terms, Finland was targeted by copyright trolls fairly late in the day, during 2013. But according to information compiled by an NGO activist, they're certainly making up for lost time. Since December 2013, the Market Court has ordered local ISPs to hand over the personal details of more than 200,000 Internet users, so that copyright trolls can pursue them for cash settlements.

China Seriously Doubts Objectivity of US ‘Pirate Site’ List


Every year the US Government pinpoints some of the largest piracy websites and other copyright-infringing venues. The USTR calls on foreign countries to take appropriate action in response, but not all are convinced of the objectivity of the "notorious markets" list. China's commerce ministry, for one, notes that the US claims lack conclusive evidence and relevant data.

Police Shut Down Pirate Streaming TV Provider, Three Men Arrested

Police have raided a pirate streaming TV service in Poland and arrested three men aged 30, 42 and 57. Authorities say that the provider initially offered accounts for free, then shifted customers onto subscription packages which generated the operators around 840,000 euros. A dozen computers, nine servers, decoders, and more than 60 storage devices were seized.