Cloudflare Kicking ‘Daily Stormer’ is Bad News For Pirate Sites


For several years CloudFlare has stood up to pressure from copyright holders, both in and out of court. The entertainment industry repeatedly urged the company to take action against the Pirate Bays of this world, and Cloudflare refused time and again, stressing that it doesn't "monitor, evaluate or judge" content on its clients' websites. That argument is now dead.

“Public Figure” Threatened With Exposure Over Gay Piracy ‘Fine’


An adult film studio has reportedly warned a "prominent public figure" that he faces exposure over his sexual preferences unless he pays a $97,000 'fine'. The unnamed individual was accused by the CEO of a gay porn company of pirating content and told that the 'fine' would increase to $525,000 if not settled quickly. The man has now gone on the offensive with his own lawsuit.

Showtime Seeks Injunction to Stop Mayweather v McGregor Piracy


The super-fight between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor won't take place until August 26 but Showtime Networks is already suing to prevent piracy. In a lawsuit filed in California, the TV network demands that 40 sites are subjected to a pre-emptive injunction, forbidding them from streaming the event.

Game of Thrones Episode “S07E06” Leaks Online Early


The upcoming sixth episode of the current Game of Thrones season has leaked online days ahead of the official premiere. There are several high-quality copies of the episode floating around at the moment. The leaks, which appear to be the result of an error ar HBO Spain, are being widely shared on various streaming and download portals.

Spinrilla Refuses to Share Its Source Code With the RIAA


Spinrilla, a popular hip-hop mixtape site and app, is refusing to share its source code with the RIAA. The major record labels want to use the code as evidence in their ongoing piracy lawsuit against the company. Spinrilla notes, however, that handing over its "crown jewel" goes too far, while stressing that the RIAA's piracy claims are overblown.

Roku Gets Tough on Pirate Channels, Warns Users


Users of the popular media player Roku receive a stark warning when they install channels outside of the official store. While these private or "non-certified" channels are still permitted, the company says that copyright-infringing channels may be pulled without prior notice. The news follows a few weeks after Roku was dragged into a piracy lawsuit in Mexico.

BREIN is Taking Infamous ‘Piracy’ Hosting Provider Ecatel to Court


Anti-piracy outfit BREIN will get a witness hearing against the operators of Ecatel, a hosting provider with a reputation for taking on customers other hosts prefer to avoid. BREIN says that Ecatel and associated companies host copyright-infringing websites and ignore takedown demands. The operators say that BREIN's complaint amounts to a fishing expedition.

Game of Thrones Pirates Arrested For Leaking Episode Early


Four people have been arrested in connection with the leak of the fourth episode of Game of Thrones' latest season. The leak, which took place early August in advance of its commercial release, carried the watermark 'Star India'. All four men will be detained for a week while an investigation gets underway.

Curb Your Enthusiasm on Those HBO Leaks


The people behind the HBO hack have released a new series of breached data to the press. The new batch of leaks includes episodes from the highly anticipated ninth season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," as well as other titles including "Barry,” "Insecure" and “The Deuce.” While there's no shortage of media coverage thus far, the actual leaked files are hard to find.