Usenet Provider Giganews Wins Landmark Copyright Battle


Giganews is celebrating a hard-fought legal battle against adult publisher and serial copyright litigant Perfect 10. The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit handed the Usenet giant a comprehensive victory in the long-running case, one that will prove so financially damaging to Perfect 10 that the company will go into liquidation.

President Trump Told That Strong Copyright Laws Are in His Interest


President Trump has been reminded that strong copyright laws are not only in the nation's interests, but in his too. A letter from the Copyright Alliance notes that among US leaders, Trump's copyright portfolio is unprecedented, while warning that high piracy rates run counter to his mission to "Make America Great Again."

Canadian Stock Exchange Blocked Megaupload 2.0 Plans

Late last week, Kim Dotcom was getting ready to make a major announcement about Bitcache and the new Megaupload 2.0 service. However, just before going public the news was halted due to a "roadblock." Today, Dotcom reveals that he planned to announce a merger with a publicly listed Canadian company, but the stock exchange got in the way.

China Bans Unauthorized VPN Services in Internet Crackdown


According to a notice published by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the government has launched a 14-month campaign to crack down on 'unauthorized' Internet platforms. That includes censorship-busting VPN services, which will require government pre-approval to exist.

After ‘Pirate Shoplifting’ Stunt, Movie Director Speaks Out


After director Casey Tebo went "shoplifting" to make a point about online piracy, commenters on YouTube and Twitter showed him no mercy. However, noticing that no matter how far the director was pushed he remained friendly, TF caught up with him for a chat. What we found was a really cool guy - with a secret.