BREIN Goes After Developers of ‘Pirate’ Kodi Builds


Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN is actively going after developers of infringing Kodi builds. The group has thus far signed settlements with ten individuals, but more are likely to follow. Pursuing sellers and developers of pirate Kodi add-ons has become a prime focus in recent months after the European Court of Justice handed down a landmark ruling.

Pirate Bay Founders Ordered to Pay Music Labels $477,000

Two founders of The Pirate Bay have been ordered by a court in Finland to pay record labels more than $477,000 in compensation. Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm were found liable for ongoing copyright breaches on the site. Neither appeared to mount a defense so both were found guilty in their absence.

Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit Secures Funding Until 2019


The UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has secured additional government funding which will keep it in action until at least 2019. The London-based operation, which has been instrumental in disrupting the activities of dozens of sites and people operating generally in the 'pirate' sector, has been given £3.32m to spend over the next two years.

Many Film Students Pirate Films for Their Courses


New research shows that piracy is a common habit among film students. Not just for pleasure, but also to obtain mandatory course materials. In fact, obtaining films illegally is more common than getting them through university reserve desks.

MPAA Wins Movie Piracy Case in China After Failed Anti-Piracy Deal


The international arm of the Motion Picture Association of America has chalked up a copyright victory against a huge Chinese video platform. The suit, filed against Xunlei in 2015 following the failure of an oppressive anti-piracy initiative, claimed copyright infringement on 28 Hollywood titles. The MPAA was awarded just over $210,000 in damages, plus legal fees.

Court Cracks Down on ‘Future’ Pirate Mayweather-McGregor Streams

A federal court in California has issued a preliminary injunction targeting several websites that could offer pirated streams for the upcoming Mayweather v McGregor fight. The order was requested by TV network Showtime, which fears it might lose a substantial amount of revenue due to piracy. Whether it will put a serious dent in the availability of unauthorized streams is doubtful.

Healthy Aussie Pirates Set To Face Cash ‘Fines’, Poor & Sick Should Be OK

Village Roadshow says it will carry through on threats to track down Australia-based Internet pirates this year and force them to pay a 'fine' or face court. Interestingly, anyone who is sick or in dire financial straights will only have to promise to be good in future. Meanwhile, company boss Graham Burke has lashed out at Google, after searches for the movie Dunkirk allegedly led him to malware.

The Windows App Store is Full of Pirate Streaming Apps

In recent years streaming piracy has become a popular pastime for millions of people. A lot of this takes place through 'rogue' websites or dedicated pirate devices, which are often scolded by the movie industry. The problem is not limited to unauthorized platforms alone though, as the "trusted" Windows App Store is full of widely used pirate apps as well.