Man Likely to Sacrifice Himself Testing Streaming Piracy Limits


A man is preparing a legal battle to find out where the boundaries lie when it comes to offering "fully loaded" Kodi TV devices in the UK. Brian Thompson, who is being taken to court by his local council, says he expects to lose the case. And barring a miracle that's exactly what's going to happen.

Court: Uploaded Can’t Ignore ‘Spam’ Copyright Notices


Popular file-hosting service has lost another legal battle in Germany. The Higher Regional Court of Hamburg ruled that Uploaded can be liable for pirated content shared by its users, even when the copyright takedown notices are buried by its spam filters.

TPBClean: A ‘Safe for Work’ Pirate Bay Without Porn


For many torrent sites the porn category is one of the most popular sections. However, there is also a group of people who prefer not to be confronted with 'adult entertainment' torrents or ads. TPBClean is a Pirate Bay proxy that's designed with this group in mind. "Finally, a Pirate Bay you can browse with your granny."

ISPs Offered Service to “Protect Safe Harbor” Under DMCA


A company which helps telecoms outfits meet their law enforcement assistance obligations is offering a new service to ISPs in the United States. Subsentio says that following the $25m ruling against Cox Communications in the BMG/Rightscorp case, ISPs need to be more cautious when handling and documenting warnings sent to pirate customers.

BMG Pressed Internet Provider to Pay Piracy Compensation


Music rights group BMG is not only offering settlements to allegedly pirating Internet subscribers, but also to an ISP. Internet provider RCN has revealed a letter showing that the music outfit demanded preventive anti-piracy measures as well as compensation, while accusing the ISP of contributory copyright infringement.

Despite Adobe Efforts, Photoshop Still Most Popular Software on Pirate Bay


Adobe has just reported a record quarter, spearheaded by a 41% jump in overall subscription revenues. At $803 million, Creative Cloud revenues were up 39% year-on-year, a boost the company is putting down to former Creative Suite pirates jumping ship. Meanwhile, however, Photoshop is still king of The Pirate Bay.