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Canadian ISP Defends Decision Not To Oppose BitTorrent Copyright Trolls

After being targeted by Voltage Pictures, the company behind the Hurt Locker and thousands of copyright troll lawsuits in the United States, Canadian ISP TekSavvy chose not to oppose the studio in court at yesterday's hearing. TekSavvy CEO Marc Gaudrault said that after looking at the issue from every possible…

Canadian ISP Prepares For “Unprecedented” BitTorrent Troll Assault

Popular Canadian ISP TekSavvy is warning its customers that BitTorrent trolls have been calling and will likely strike in the weeks to come. Voltage Pictures, the company that sued thousands in the United States over its Hurt Locker movie, monitored TekSavvy users sharing two dozen of its titles during September…

Copyright Trolls Get Bad-Tempered Cross-Examination Over File-Sharing Evidence

Canadian anti-piracy group Canipre is currently working on behalf of Voltage Pictures to obtain the identities of individuals said to have pirated the company's movies. As the process moves through the legal system the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) just had the opportunity to cross-examine Canipre owner…

Canadian Piracy Notices: From Benign to Ridiculous

Canada's new piracy warning notice scheme is young but already controversial. With one relatively small ISP sending more than 3,000 notices every day, copyright trolls have quickly jumped on the bandwagon with their own brand of crazy. Other notices are much more benign - and users know it.

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