Aurous Promises To Be a Popcorn Time For Music

Set for alpha release in the coming weeks, Aurous is aiming to bring Popcorn Time simplicity and presentation to music content discoverable on BitTorrent networks. Taking a decentralized approach which will enable the app to continue functioning even if its website is closed down, Aurous' will turn users into P2P…

Paypal, Visa and MasterCard Discuss ‘Pirate Site’ Blacklist

Supported by the French Government, several key players in the online payment industry are teaming up with copyright holders to ban infringing websites. The proposed agreement is a key part of the "follow the money" approach through which stakeholders hope to decrease online piracy.

Fake Warner Music Threat Stops Torrent Uploaders

Several prolific torrent uploaders have received an alarming message claiming to be from Warner Music UK. The email urges uploaders to delete their torrents and accounts, which some have done in response. On closer inspection, however, the threatening email appears to be fake.

Controversy as Ads For Famous Kids’ Pirate Appear on Banned Pirate Site

After several 'pirate' sites were ordered to be blocked in Norway last week, prominent advertisers have now been sucked into the controversy. Not only have adverts for Norway's government-owned rail company been appearing on PrimeWire, but ads featuring the country's most famous fictional pirate have also been thrown into the…

Showtime Sues to Block Pirated Mayweather-Berto Streams

Showtime and Mayweather Productions have sued a website which plans to offer access to the upcoming Mayweather vs. Berto fight. The companies are asking the court for a temporary restraining order to stop 'anticipated' pirate activity before the event starts.

Warner Bros. ‘Scare Tactics’ Shut Down Original Popcorn Time

The original driving force behind Popcorn Time has broken cover. Previously known under the pseudonym Sebastian, Argentinian designer Federico Abad now reveals his motivations for putting together the infamous software and what ultimately led his team to throw in the towel. Not legal threats, but scare tactics from Warner Bros.

WordPress Adds Subaru to Takedown “Hall of Shame” is taking a strong stance against rightsholders who abuse its takedown process. The company maintains a "hall of shame" which recently expanded with the addition of Subaru. The car manufacturer tried to take down a blog which was created in response to one of Subaru's own contests.

Pirate Streaming Site Operator Handed Four Year Sentence

A man from Northern Ireland who made an estimated £300,000 from advertising revenue on several sites, including the now-defunct streaming portal FastPassTV, has been handed a four-year sentence. Paul Mahoney, 30, will serve two years in jail and two years on license.

Kim Dotcom Seeks Delay of 10th Scheduled Extradition Hearing

Kim Dotcom and his former business partners want to delay an extradition hearing scheduled to take place in two weeks' time. The U.S. government wants Dotcom to face the largest copyright infringement trial in history but the Megaupload defendants say a fair hearing will be impossible if they aren't able…

Police Raid Fails to Dent UK Top 40 Music Piracy

A raid last week by the UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has done little to reduce the availability of packs containing the country's most popular music tracks. Aside from the disappearance of the torrents usually uploaded by the individual who was arrested, it was very much business as usual…

Pirate Party Offers Uncensored DNS to Bypass Pirate Bay Blockade

The Norwegian Pirate Party has made a big statement by launching a free DNS service which allows Internet users to bypass the local Pirate Bay blockade. The party advocates a free and open Internet for everyone and believes that the recent website blockades set a dangerous precedent.