Udemy Targets ‘Pirate’ Site Giving Away its Paid Courses For Free

Online learning platform Udemy is taking on FreeTutorials.us, a site making available a wide range of paid courses and tutorials for free. A California court has ordered Cloudflare to hand over all the information it has on FreeTutorials' operators but the site says it will continue its mission to provide…

Researchers Use a Blockchain to Boost Anonymous Torrent Sharing

Researchers at Delft University of Technology have released a major update to their decentralized and pseudo-anonymous BitTorrent client. The new Tribler has its very own blockchain that tracks how much people are sharing, so users can be rewarded accordingly. This should ultimately improve the efficiency of the client's Tor-like protection.

Piracy Can Help Music Sales of Many Artists, Research Shows

A new academic paper published in the Information Economics and Policy journal shows that piracy can help many artists to sell more music. Results from the peer-reviewed paper are consistent for both digital and physical sales and affect mid-tier artists. Top musicians are not so lucky, as they sell less.

Arrr: Top Tips to Spot The Differences Between Pirate and Legal Sites

As part of the national anti-fraud awareness campaign Take Five, this week the Federation Against Copyright Theft asked consumers to consider whether the site or service they're using is pirate or not. Their sound advice is to do research to find out, but there are actually plenty of tell-tale signs…

Tor Exit Node Operator Denies Piracy Allegations and Hits Back

The operator of a Tor exit-node faces tens of thousands of dollars in potential damages because his connection was allegedly used to download a pirated copy of Dallas Buyers Club. The movie company used the operator's lack of response as proof, but the defendant is now striking back, questioning whether…

Thor:Ragnarok Director Says He “Illegally Torrented” Clips for the Showreel

Last weekend, after what appeared to be a pre-order blunder, Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok was leaked online in advance of its official release date. Interestingly, it now transpires that director Taiki Waititi is no stranger to piracy himself, after admitting that his showreel for the movie contained source material he'd "illegally…

Torrent Links Disappear From Torrentz2, For Adblock Users

The popular torrent meta-search engine Torrentz2 is without links to external torrent sites once again, for some, which makes the site harder to use. This time the issue is not caused by the site though, but by ad-blockers that use the popular Easylist filter.

Court Orders Hosting Provider to Stop Pirate Premier League Streams

The UK's Premier League has won a landmark case against hosting provider Ecatel. The Court of The Hague ordered the company to null-route the servers of customers who offer illegal live streams. The provider has to respond within 30 minutes after being notified, or pay a hefty fine. The ruling…

Pirate Bay Founder’s Domain Service “Mocks” NY Times Legal Threats

When The New York Times discovered that a site was sharing copies of their articles without permission, it demanded the associated domain registration service to identify the owner. While some companies may be eager to comply, Njalla is not. The anonymous registration service replied with some unusual responses instead, reminiscent…

Grumpy Cat Wins $710,000 From Copyright Infringing Coffee Maker

Grumpy Cat feels vindicated and is somewhat pleased. Her owners have won a $710,001 jury verdict in California, against a coffee maker that exploited their copyrights. The bulk of the damages were awarded for copyright and trademark infringement, with a symbolic $1 in nominal damages for contract breach.