U.S. Homeland Security ‘Harbors’ BitTorrent Pirates?

Information provided by a torrent monitoring outfit suggests that pirates are linked to places where you don't expect them. To the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, for example, which helped to take down KickassTorrents website a few months ago.

NewTrackon Tracks Torrent Trackers

BitTorrent trackers point torrent clients to other clients so that they can share content, but how does one go about finding trackers that actually work? NewTrackon is a site which indexes BitTorrent trackers and checks them all to ensure they're up and ready to track your content.

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2017

Which torrent sites are the most popular this year? As we continue a long-standing tradition, we see that The Pirate Bay comes out as the king of torrents once again. Since several torrent sites have shut down in recent months, this year's top list also reveals some newcomers.

A Bunch of Weak Anti-Piracy Measures Are Still a Pest to Pirates

Ask any pirate if site-blocking works and the answer will probably be a resounding "no." Ask them if ISP warnings or DMCA notices have much of an effect and it's likely they'll give the same answer. However, a range of weak measures has a cumulative effect and the ability to…

Battle of The Bots! ‘Dubious’ Pirate Sites Trigger ‘Bogus’ Takedowns

Anti-piracy enforcement on the Internet is largely run by automated 'bots' which scour the websites for infringing content, firing millions of takedown notices in response. At the same time, there are also 'machines' that try to profit from piracy, generating dubious search results in order to lure pirates in. Is…

FACT Lawyer Reveals Challenges of Kodi Box Seller Prosecutions

A lawyer who has worked on piracy cases for the Federation Against Copyright Theft has revealed the challenges posed by Kodi and IPTV box prosecutions. Ari Alabhai says that copyright can be complicated for a jury to understand, so prosecutions under the Fraud Act may be preferred. Even that has…

Wrongfully Accused ‘Movie Pirate’ Gets $17,000 in Compensation

The makers of the Adam Sandler movie The Cobbler learned that suing alleged torrent pirates doesn't always pay. An Oregon District Court Judge ruled that a wrongfully accused pirate is entitled to more than $17,000 in compensation, a direct result of the filmmakers' overaggressive tactics.

Unlikely ‘Pirate’ Kodi Users Will Get in Trouble, Experts Suggest

In recent weeks, the legality or otherwise of so-called fully-loaded Kodi boxes has become a big topic. The devices are massively popular in the UK but are people going to get busted for using them? Almost certainly not, an intellectual property lawyer told the BBC this morning.

Court: Fan-Funded Star Trek Film is Not ‘Fair Use’

The lawsuit between Paramount Pictures and the crowdfunded Star Trek spin-off "Prelude to Axanar" is gearing up for a trial. This week the court ruled on motions for summary judgment from both parties. While the case could still go both ways, the court has decided that the fan-film is not…

‘Copyright Trolls’ Hit With Class Action Lawsuit For Theft by Deception

A new class-action lawsuit is targeting a group of filmmakers, lawyers, and BitTorrent monitoring experts. According to a complaint filed at an Illinois federal court, the "copyright trolls" have been engaging in misleading, threatening and intimidating tactics in order to obtain settlements from alleged movie pirates.

Giant Cyberlocker Morphs into New Anonymous Sharing Site

A giant cyberlocker that announced its closure amid a government piracy crackdown and other threats, will be born again. EX.UA says that its service will resume under a new domain and business model, with anonymous sharing of files of any size and format, with cloud streaming and other features to…