Piracy Notices Can Mess With Your Thermostat, ISP Warns

US Internet provider Armstrong warns that persistent pirates can have their Internet access throttled. As a result, they may no longer have full control over their thermostats. Those who continue pirating after an obligatory copyright education may have their full service terminated.

Might Google Class “Torrent” a Dirty Word? France is About to Find Out

A dispute between the French recording industry and search engines Google and Bing could find the latter pair filtering searches containing the word torrent, initially in connection with three local artists. The issue is currently under discussion by the parties' lawyers. Meanwhile, a blocking injunction has just been handed down…

Deezer Tries to Shut Down ‘Hacked’ Pirate Versions

The music industry is gravely concerned with pirate sites, but there are gaping holes in legal services as well. This is also true for the France-based streaming service Deezer, which is trying to rid the web from "hacked" versions that allow people to download music freely.

Torrent Links Disappear From Torrentz2

The popular torrent meta-search engine Torrentz2 is no longer linking to external sites. This makes the site pretty much unusable for torrent scavengers. At this point, it's unknown whether it's the result of technical issues, or something else.

Swedish Police Set to Take Over Pirate Bay Domains

Police in Sweden have filed a formal request with domain registrar Binero to take ownership of two Pirate Bay-related domains. The move follows a decision from the Supreme Court this morning which determined that domain names constitute property that can be seized by the Swedish state.

Gamers Want DMCA Exemption for ‘Abandoned’ Online Games

Several organizations and gaming fans are asking the Copyright Office to make a DMCA circumvention exemption for abandoned online games, to preserve them for future generations. The exemption would allow museums and libraries to offer copies of abandoned online servers, so these games won't turn to dust.

Yet More Copyright Trolls Invade Sweden Demanding Much More Money

In recent months, thousands of alleged movie pirates in Sweden have been hit with cash demands by a Danish law firm. Sadly, instead of the situation calming down, things are now getting worse. According to a local report, several new law firms are getting in on the action, with one…