Feds Bust Man For Pirating Movie Audio at Drive-In Theater

A Pennsylvania man is facing up to five years in prison for recording the audio of several Hollywood movies at a local drive-in theater. The man allegedly worked for a release group and was caught after the MPAA tipped off the theater owner. He now faces up to five years…

Universal & Warner Defeated in vKontakte Piracy Battles

Universal and Warner Music have been handed defeats in legal battles with Russia-based social networking site vKontakte. An earlier ruling that the platform must use "effective measures" to bring piracy under control has been overturned, with the Court maintaining that vKontakte is not liable for infringements on its service.

UK Internet Providers Expand Pirate Site Blockades

UK Internet providers have added more than 80 URLs to the national pirate site blocklist. The expansion follows a request from copyright holders who frequently add new proxies for sites that have previously been barred. One of the main targets of the latest round is Unblocked.li, which has already responded…

RIAA and Tech Giants Clash In Usenet Piracy Case

The RIAA has joined adult publisher Perfect 10 in its appeal against Giganews. Both argue that the Usenet service is directly liable for the blatant copyright infringements on its service. Giganews is supported by several digital rights groups and tech companies, who fear that the RIAA's request endangers a free…

French Arrest and Jail Operator of “Full-Stream” Pirate Site

French authorities have arrested the 22-year-old alleged operator of popular streaming site Full-Stream.org. With over a million visitors a month the platform was one of the largest pirate sites in the country. The Frenchman reportedly admitted to creating the site and faces up to five years in prison.

AnyDVD is Back But Don’t Call Us Pirates, Developer Says

A little more than a week after the closure of owner SlySoft, controversial ripping tool AnyDVD is back. Now operating under the RedFox banner, AnyDVD and friends have skipped to Belize while offering a brand new release. Interestingly, associations with piracy are being made unwelcome, with one developer claiming that's…

Pirate Bay Offers Tech Support to Pirating Kanye West

Kanye West was so outraged when he found out that his new album was being pirated by hundreds of thousands of people he considered taking The Pirate Bay to court. However, in a recent tweet the controversial musician plugged the torrent site, accidentally revealing his own pirate habits. But despite…

Play: A P2P Distributed Torrent Site That’s Impossible to Shut Down

An interesting torrent site has just debuted which has the honor of being almost shutdown-proof. 'Play' has just appeared on Zeronet, a server-less P2P network that utilizes Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent technology. As a result Play might well be the first torrent site that offers magnet links while being hosted…

Record Labels Sue Radionomy Over DIY ‘Pirate’ Internet Radio

A group of prominent U.S. record labels have filed a lawsuit against the DIY online radio platform Radionomy, which also owns Winamp and Shoutcast. In their complaint the labels accuse Radionomy of promoting and facilitating mass copyright infringement by hosting 'pirate' radio stations of its users.

Microsoft Sues Pirating Comcast Subscriber

Microsoft has filed a complaint at a federal court in Washington accusing a Comcast subscriber of activating various pirated copies of its software. The account was identified by Microsoft's in-house cyberforensics team which logs suspicious "activation patterns."