ExtraTorrent Reveals Most Pirated Files of All Time

ExtraTorrent, one of the most visited torrent sites on the Internet, has revealed which files have been downloaded the most over recent years. Drake's album "Nothing Was The Same" tops the list with more than 10 million downloads. Iron Man 3 and The Expendables 3 are the most pirated movies…

Google Removes Pirate Bay Apps From Play Store

Google removed several popular Pirate Bay apps from the Play Store today. An email sent to developers claims that the apps violate intellectual property provisions of Google's content policy. TF spoke to one developer who appealed the decision, arguing that his app does nothing more than Google's own Chrome browser.

World’s Largest BitTorrent Tracker Goes Down

OpenBitTorrent, the largest BitTorrent tracker on the Internet, has been offline for more than a week. The tracker's domain name, which is registered to Pirate Bay's Fredrik Neij, has a missing DNS record which makes it impossible to reach.

Court Orders French ISPs to Block The Pirate Bay

The Paris Court has ordered French ISPs to block access to The Pirate Bay. The legal action, brought by anti-piracy group SCPP, resulted in an injunction ordering local service providers to "implement all necessary measures" to render not only the site inaccessible, but also its proxies.

Kim Dotcom’s Hong Kong Millions Unfrozen.. Momentarily

More than US$42 million of assets belonging to Kim Dotcom were unfrozen today by a Hong Kong court, but celebrations were short-lived. The HK$330 million, seized when Megaupload was shutdown in 2012, were immediately placed under a new restraining order.

Police Shut Down Spain’s Top ‘Pirate’ Streaming Sites

Following a complaint filed by 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Paramount and Sony, police in Spain have shut down two of the country's leading 'pirate' video streaming sites. Officers arrested two men who are said to have made more than a million euros in revenue.

Pinterest Sued Over Pirated Photos, Imgur Off The Hook

Seattle-based photographer Christopher Boffoli is continuing with his piracy crackdown. He's now demanding millions of dollars in damages from Pinterest for failing to remove a series of pirated photos. The lawsuit comes on the heels of a similar case against Imgur, which was dropped this week for unknown reasons.

Pirate Site Blockades Can Be Challenged, BT Says

This week UK Internet provider BT has started offering more transparency regarding its obligation to block certain "pirate" websites. Subscribers who attempt to access a blocked site such as The Pirate Bay are now informed that the orders can be appealed. FilesTube, a former file-hosting search engine, is the first…

ISPs Must Take Responsibility For Sony Movie Leaks, MP Says

As the fallout from the Sony hack continues, who is to blame for the leak of movies including Fury, which has been downloaded a million times? According to the UK Prime Minister's former IP advisor, as "facilitators" web-hosts and ISPs must step up and take some blame.

Demonoid Frustrates Censors With Domain Name Switch

The semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid has traded its demonoid.ph domain name for the Palau-based demonoid.pw. The site's operators have yet to officially announce the change, which helps to improve the site's availability online.

Kim Dotcom Announces United States Political Party

Kim Dotcom will launch a political party in the United States next year. Run by American citizens, Internet Party US will feature "celebrity founders" from the music, movie and Internet sectors. Dotcom will be its PR man and is already warning that "Hillary" faces her "worst nightmare" in 2016.