Leaked Draft Reveals EU Anti-Piracy Enforcement Plan

A leaked document has revealed the EU Commission's plans for copyright in 2016. In addition to tackling the issue of content portability in the spring, the draft suggests the Commission will explore a "follow-the-money" approach to enforcement, clarify rules for identifying infringers, and examine the crosss-border application of injunctions.

RuTracker Counters Lifetime ISP Ban By Going Public

The Moscow City Court has this morning ordered that huge Russian torrent site RuTracker should be blocked by ISPs forever. However, in anticipation of the move the site has now opened its doors to the public meaning that anyone can download without needing an account. A localized problem for copyright…

YTS Reaches MPAA Deal But Dotcom Faces Decades in Jail?

How does YTS, one of the most organized and notorious public torrent sites, strike a deal with Hollywood despite being listed as a notorious market by the U.S. government? We're all curious to know more, but spare a thought for Kim Dotcom. He's in the same country as the YTS…

Government Owned ISP Runs a Public Torrent Tracker

With the most-used torrent tracker about to fold, the BitTorrent ecosystem is in need of a stable and reliable alternative. Unfortunately, good trackers are hard to find. However, there's a glimmer of hope as we just spotted one that's operated by the largest Kazakh ISP, which in turn is owned…

UK Piracy Police Deprioritize Domain Suspension Requests

Suspending pirate domain names is no longer a priority for City of London Police's Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). After ICANN ruled that registrars don't have to suspend domain names without a valid court order, the police have decided to put more emphasis on other enforcement tactics.

Portugal Rapidly & Voluntarily Blocks Dozens More ‘Pirate’ Sites

Courtesy of copyright holders, ISPs in Portugal have received a large new batch of 'pirate' domain notifications from the government. A voluntary anti-piracy agreement means that the providers now have until November 13 to implement a full subscriber blockade, putting the country on course to become the world leader in…

Aurous Gets Beaten Up By the RIAA But Peace is Near

The RIAA is demanding a preliminary injunction to bring the downed Aurous music service to its knees. While Aurous is fighting back, the RIAA's lawyers are giving their adversaries a legal beat down, using developer Andrew Sampson's words against him and giving his legal team a mountain to climb. But…

U.S. Judge Explores Return of Megaupload Data

There's a chance that after four years Megaupload users may be reunited with their lost files. U.S. District Court Judge Liam O'Grady has asked several stakeholders to chime in on the possible return of the Megaupload servers, which also holds crucial evidence for Kim Dotcom's defense.

YTS / YIFY Signs Unprecedented Settlement With MPAA

For several years YTS/YIFY has been one of Hollywood's biggest arch-rivals but both sides came to an unprecedented agreement in recent weeks. Instead of going to trial over the alleged widespread piracy facilitated by the site, the MPAA signed a deal with its operator, ending a multi-million dollar lawsuit before…

Google’s “Pirate Update” Fails to Punish Streaming Sites

A new report released by streaming search engine JustWatch has revealed that Google's "Pirate Update" drastically decreased the visibility of torrent sites in search results. However, the algorithm changes failed to punish illegal streaming portals, which still draw billions of visitors from search engines.

U.S. Asks Judge to Rule Kim Dotcom’s Evidence Inadmissible

As Kim Dotcom's extradition hearing defense continues, the U.S. government has just asked the presiding judge to rule all of the Megaupload founder's evidence inadmissible. However, Dotcom informs TorrentFreak that the effort failed. "The Judge has said he wants a fair extradition," he said.