Law Professor Shows How to Fight Copyright Trolls

Copyright trolls are known for their dubious tactics, but how should they be fought in court? Motivated by false accusations against alleged BitTorrent pirates. Matthew Sag and Jake Haskell have written an in-depth overview that could help defense lawyers to make their case.

YouTube Content ID Critic Doesn’t Appreciate the Irony

Should discussion about copyright protection circumvention mechanisms only be allowed in certain places? That appears to be the takeaway from a post on the Music Tech Policy blog, which slams YouTube for leaving up Content ID defeat videos but embeds one for the purposes of....erm....discussion.

Kodi Addon Navi-X Bites The Dust After 10 Years

One of the oldest and most popular Kodi addons is being shut down after a decade in action. Navi-X, which was the go-to addon for hundreds of thousands of people, will be discontinued due to legal fears, spam, and pollution with mislabeled adult content.

ISP Bombarded With 82,000+ Demands to Reveal Alleged Pirates

Scandinavian telecoms operator Telia has revealed how rightsholders are bombarding the company with demands to identify alleged pirates. During the past year alone, Telia has been ordered to hand over personal details relating to more than 82,000 IP addresses, a large proportion of which will go to known copyright trolls.

BREIN ‘Hunts Down’ Pirate Media Player Vendors

Last month the European Court of Justice ruled that set-top boxes and similar devices can infringe copyright if they are sold pre-configured for piracy. With this decision in hand, anti-piracy group BREIN has pressured dozens of vendors to halt their sales. Those who fail to comply risk tens of thousands…

Hold ISPs Responsible For Piracy After Brexit, Music Biz Says

The powerful UK Music coalition, which includes the BPI and PRS, has published its 2017 manifesto. It takes a keen interest in IP issues, particularly post-Brexit. UK Music says that the UK's departure from the EU will provide a good opportunity to clarify issues with hyperlinking and also to hold…

Kim Dotcom Says Family Trust Could Sue Mega Investor

Kim Dotcom says the trustees of a trust set up for the benefit of his children could sue one of the most controversial figures in New Zealand. Dotcom says that businessman Bill Liu, who has just pleaded guilty to money laundering charges, unlawfully diluted the trust's majority share in file-hosting…

YouTube Keeps People From Pirate Sites, Study Shows

In recent months music industry insiders have heavily criticised YouTube, with some claiming that it hurts legal sales. A new research report commissioned by the video streaming platform suggests otherwise. The study shows that YouTube keeps people away from pirate sites, while there is no evidence of significant cannibalization.