AnyDVD Admins & Developers Mull Comeback

Last week's demise of SlySoft sent shockwaves through the DVD ripping community with many fearing for the movement's future. However, just days on and already there are reasons for hope. Key admins and developers are now openly discussing a potential return of AnyDVD, but the road ahead won't be smooth.

FBI Busts Movie Industry Insider for DVD Screener Leaks

A 31-year old man from Lancaster has been arrested following an FBI investigation into several leaked DVD-screeners. The man, who worked in the entertainment industry, pleaded guilty to uploading screener copies of The Revenant and The Peanuts Movie to the private BitTorrent tracker Pass The Popcorn.

YTS / YIFY Has a Company in the UK & It’s About to Close Down

YTS was one of the world's most popular torrent sites until it was shut down by the MPAA last year. However, at least on paper the site might still exist since it is owned by a company registered in the UK. Soon though, YTS (RE) Limited will disappear for good…

File-Sharing Site’s PayPal Account Returns After EFF Intervention

The EFF has successfully intervened in a dispute between classic file-sharing service Soulseek and PayPal. In 2015 and after 14 years of business together PayPal nuked Soulseek's ability to receive donations, apparently over copyright concerns. While Soulseek is now a PayPal customer once more, others in the same sphere may…

Pirate Groups Fear Release Delays After AnyDVD Shutdown

This week software maker SlySoft, known for its popular Blu-Ray software AnyDVD, shut down citing legal troubles. Sources from several well-known pirate groups inform TorrentFreak that the victory is a potential disaster that may delay future Blu-ray rips by months.

Tens of Thousands Protest Netflix’s Expanding VPN-Blockade

Netflix is continuing to expand its VPN and proxy crackdown, affecting VPN 'pirates' but also those who use such services for privacy reasons. The VPN crackdown is meeting fierce resistance from privacy activists and concerned users, with tens of thousands calling upon the streaming service to reverse its broad VPN…

Pirates Spend Much More Money on Music, Study Shows

A new study has shown that music piracy is still rampant in the United States with 57 million people between the ages of 13 and 50 accessing music through unauthorized sources. Interestingly, however, these pirates also spend significantly more money on CDs and paid downloads, more than their counterparts who…

DVDFab Says No Crack For Next-Gen Blu-ray Discs

The company behind the popular DVDFab software has announced it will not be supporting decryption of the enhanced Advanced Access Content System that will be used to protect new Ultra HD (4K UHD) Blu-ray discs. The announcement comes just a day after rival copying software company SlySoft confirmed its closure.

RIAA Wins $22 Million Piracy Lawsuit Against MP3Skull

A group of prominent RIAA labels have won a default judgment against piracy site MP3Skull. A Florida court awarded the music companies more than $22 million in damages and issued a permanent injunction which allows the RIAA to take over the site's domain names.

Popcorn Time Fork Claims Official Relaunch After MPAA Shutdown

The variant of Popcorn Time most closely linked with the edition shut down by the MPAA last year has announced its official return, or debut depending on one's perspective. The fork is promising "resilience-driven development" based on the parallel development of the 'legal' Project Butter. Nevertheless, the entire 'market' remains…