Steal This Show S01E05: P2P takes on Ebay

Today we bring you the fifth episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing the latest file-sharing and copyright news. In this episode we talk with the co-founder of P2P marketplace Open Bazaar and the founder of torrent client Frostwire.

U.S. Govt: Excessive Piracy Punishments Should Be Avoided

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force has released a set of copyright reform proposals. The Government recommends Congress to implement various changes to avoid excessive damages awards and stresses that copyright trolling should not be tolerated.

News Site Blocked By ISPs For Embedding Official YouTube Videos

A news site has just been blocked by Portugal's ISPs on copyright infringement grounds. Ultimate Music is operated by journalist Josep Vinaixa who publishes music industry news and sometimes embeds pop videos from YouTube. However, local anti-piracy outfit MAPiNET insists the site needs to buy a special license in order…

Copyright Infringing News Sites Raided and Shut Down

A division of the Italian government responsible for dealing with financial crime has raided and shut down 10 websites accused of illegally distributing subscription editorial content. Operation Phoenix has also resulted in the arrest of five individuals thus far, with a further five overseas websites blocked by attacking their DNS.

“Piracy Harms” Are Now Part of U.S. Education Law

Last month President Barack Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act into law, making $1 billion dollars available for educational technology spending. In addition, the new law ensures that educators are aware of the piracy harms new technologies introduce.

The Pirate Bay’s Mobile Domain Suspended By Registrar

The Pirate Bay has suffered yet another setback with the suspension of another key domain. was the domain and site layout served to users of mobile devices such as phones and tablets. But now the domain is no more, suspended by its registrar like several more before it.

DVD Screener Piracy Could Be Stamped Out…But Not Yet

Every year dozens of movies appear online in high quality, sometimes before their release date, thanks to the leaking of so-called DVD screeners. For pirates it's an annual feeding frenzy so one might think that Hollywood would deal with the issue. Unfortunately it appears that adapting to the digital world…

Cox Should Expose Pirating Subscribers, Court Hears

After winning a $25 million judgment last month, music publisher BMG has requested a permanent injunction against Cox Communications, requiring the Internet provider to expose the personal details of pirating subscribers. For its part, Cox has asked the court to reconsider the guilty verdict or grant a new trial.

Wefre: Free YouTube / Spotify Mashup Set to Cause Waves

There are plenty of sites around the web providing music for free but Wefre does it better than most. Not only does this beautiful YouTube / Spotify mashup out-perform the recently defunct Aurous in every way, Wefre uses officially available APIs from already licensed sources. Legal? We might not have…

Netflix Exempts U.S. Military Bases From Copyright Geo-Blocks

Netflix is increasingly blocking users who circumvent geo-restrictions through VPNs and proxies. This issue worries many U.S. soldiers stationed overseas, but according to Netflix American military bases will still be able to access the content library of their home country.

South American Pirates Transfer 789 Petabytes Per Year

New research shows that online piracy is widespread in South America. Nearly half of all Internet users have used pirate sites and services, transferring a healthy 789 petabytes per year. Unlike in other regions, direct download sites are consistently more popular than P2P-based solutions such as BitTorrent.

Russia’s RuTracker Blockade Has Just Seriously Backfired

Huge torrent site RuTracker is one of more than a dozen sites permanently blocked by Russian ISPs in the past week after complaints from rightsholders. However, it now appears that the action will have unexpected consequences. In addition to opening up what was a partially closed site, RuTracker has ended…