MPAA’s Anti-Piracy Injunction Targets Wrong IP-Address Due to a Typo….

Going after alleged pirate sites through third-party service providers such as domain registrars and hosting companies is a sensitive issue. With the SOPA pushback fresh in mind, the MPAA is now carefully testing this approach in court. Considering the delicate matter at hand it's rather painful that a recent injunction…

Police Investigate Former BPI Anti-Piracy Chief & PIPCU Board Member

The BPI's former head of anti-piracy is under police investigation, TorrentFreak has learned. Former policeman David Wood was an important stakeholder figure at the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit but was dismissed from the BPI for gross misconduct in 2015. The music group recently forced Wood into bankruptcy.

Piracy? RIAA Labels Asked Us to Promote Their Music, Spinrilla Says

Popular hip-hop mixtape site and app Spinrilla has responded to the piracy lawsuit filed by several RIAA labels last month. The company reveals that it uses a piracy filter the labels themselves suggested, and adds that many of the allegedly infringing works were promoted upon the labels' requests.

eBook Pirates Are Relatively Old and Wealthy, Study Finds

A new study has found that people who illegally download eBooks are older and wealthier than most people's perception of the average pirate. Commissioned by anti-piracy company Digimarc, the study suggests that people aged between 30 and 44 years old with a household income of between $60k and $99k are…

MPAA and RIAA Present Plan to Recover Megaupload’s Failing Hard Drives

The MPAA and RIAA have asked a Virginia federal court for a preservation order to recover and secure stored Megaupload data. Last year, Megaupload's former hosting company Cogent had warned that several drives, which are preserved as evidence, have become unreadable. The rightsholder groups say they want to act swiftly,…

New UK ‘Kodi’ Piracy Blocking Injunction is a Pretty Scary Beast

The new piracy blocking injunction obtained by the UK's Premier League is groundbreaking on several levels, court papers have revealed. Not only did the football outfit work closely with Sky, BT and Virgin (who all have a vested interest) but the ISPs also monitored traffic from 'pirate' servers requested by…

‘Secret’ MPAA Lawsuit Targeted Domains of Pubfilm’s “Piracy Ring”

The MPAA is responsible for taking down several domain names of the popular streaming site Pubfilm, unsealed court records reveal. The anti-piracy group sued operators of the "piracy ring" in a New York federal court and obtained an injunction ordering GoDaddy, VeriSign, and Enom to disable six Pubfilm associated domains.