Accused “Pirate” Questions Dallas Buyers Club’s Copyright Claim

Several companies behind the Oscar-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club are fighting over the movie's proceeds, as well as the profits from copyright trolling endeavors. This confusing situation has prompted an accused pirate to question the legitimacy of the claim against him, which could get interesting.

VKontakte & Universal Sign Anti-Piracy & Licensing Deal

As predicted last week, the company which owns vKontakte and Russia's two other major social networking sites has signed a music licensing deal with Universal Music to end piracy on the platforms. As a result, all outstanding copyright legal action between the companies has been settled.

The Google Piracy Blame Game is Headache Inducing

Google published an update to its anti-piracy practices report this week and it was immediately discredited by the record labels who say the company needs to do much more. That's no surprise, but one has to wonder how much patience Google has left and how long it intends to pander…

Google Wipes Record Breaking Half Billion Pirate Links in 2016

Copyright holders asked Google to remove more than 500,000,000 allegedly infringing links from its search engine in 2016 thus far. This nearly equals the number of takedown notices it received for the whole of 2015. Rightsholders see the surge as evidence of a failing system, but Google clearly disagrees.

Photographers Take “Pirating” News Outlets to Court

Major news outlets don't always stick to the rules when it comes to licensing photos for their articles. Photographers often see their work featured by prominent publishers, without credit or compensation. Increasingly, they are standing up for their rights in court. In recent weeks several independent photographers have launched cases…

BitTorrent Users Present a Goldmine of Marketing Opportunities

Most file-sharers are aware they're being watched but that doesn't always have to be as bad as it sounds. Speaking with TorrentFreak, analytics company Peerlogix says it monitors millions of "well educated and tech-savvy" torrent users and leverages their content consumption habits for marketing purposes.

‘Tor and Bitcoin Hinder Anti-Piracy Efforts’

A new report published by the European Union Intellectual Property Office identifies a wide range of 'business models' that are used by pirate sites. The organization, which announced a new collaboration with Europol this week, signals Bitcoin and the Tor network as two key threats to ongoing anti-piracy efforts.

VKontakte & Universal Music Close to Anti-Piracy Deal

Social networking giant vKontakte is reportedly close to doing a licensing deal with Universal Music. 'Russia's Facebook' has been embroiled in legal action with the label after failing to tackle rampant piracy on its platform, but according to insiders the companies are now close to settling their differences.

Nintendo Cracks Down on Pokémon Go ‘Piracy’

Millions of people around the world are totally caught up in the Pokémon Go craze. Interestingly, many of these are playing "pirated" copies of the game. Nintendo is now trying to address this issue by sending takedown requests, hoping to make at least make some pirate sources harder to find.…

Expanding Pirate Site Blocks Spark Censorship Fears

A Norwegian court has ordered ISPs to block subscriber access to eight pirate streaming sites, including WatchSeries, TUBE+, and CouchTuner. The new blockades are welcomed by Hollywood's major studios, but the local Pirate Party fears a slippery blocking-slope leading to overbroad censorship.