Copyright Trolls Slammed in UK House of Lords

Copyright trolls operating in the UK will be doing so a little less confidently this morning after being slammed in the House of Lords yesterday. Lord Lucas named and shamed several companies involved in the practice, describing them as scammers and extortionists while urging the government to take action.

U.S. ISP Sues Music Group Over Piracy Allegations

U.S. based Internet provider RCN is suing music rights group BMG. The Internet provider has asked the court to declare that it is not responsible for copyright infringements allegedly committed by its customers. Among other things, RCN argues that the notices sent by BMG's anti-piracy partner Rightscorp are flawed.

ISP Association Nominates Copyright Troll As ‘Internet Villain’

The UK's trade association for providers of Internet services have nominated a notorious copyright troll for the much coveted title of "Internet Villain of the Year". ISPA UK, which counts the major ISPs and Google as members, shortlisted TCYK LLC for its "speculative invoicing" campaign against Internet account holders.

AMC Threatens Copyright Lawsuit Over Walking Dead Spoiler

Can someone infringe copyright by revealing a fact from an unaired (possibly unfilmed) TV show? That's the assertion of AMC, whose lawyers have threatened the operators of The Spoiling Dead community with a lawsuit if they reveal who got killed in the last episode of the series. TorrentFreak has obtained…

BREIN Wants Usenet Providers to Expose Prolific Uploaders

The Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN is going after two anonymous Usenet uploaders, who shared more than 2,000 books in total. The group requested the personal details of the users from their providers, but they refused to hand them over citing privacy concerns. As a result, BREIN is now taking the…

Film Producer Wants ISPs Prosecuted Over Widespread Piracy

Dutch film producer Klaas de Jong has filed a police report against four local ISPs, holding them accountable for tens of millions of euros in piracy related losses. The producer says that the ISPs are responsible for the actions of pirating subscribers, since they fail to block torrent sites and…

RIAA-Approved File-Sharing Service Hacked, 51m User Details Leaked

Around 51 million user records of a file-sharing service that was first sued and then approved by the RIAA has been leaked online. The iMesh service was part of a shady group of former P2P services operating under the Bearshare, Lphant and Shareaza brands, despite the latter being obtained in…

Pirates Get Game of Thrones Early, Again

HBO is doing its best to limit Game of Thrones piracy, but despite their efforts new episodes continue to leak early. Yesterday, pirates were again the first to see the latest episode, in what appears to be another leak from HBO's own video service. In addition, HBO's Veep and Silicon…

The Sad Hypocrisy of the Clockwork Orange YouTube Lawsuit

After uploading an analysis of Stanley Kubrick movies to YouTube, UK-based Lewis Criswell is now being sued by the company behind the main theme to the 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. The sad thing here is that while the piece is incredible, it too is a copy, having being written…

“Piracy Monitoring Outfit Uses Flawed Tracking Technology”

Every day anti-piracy outfits monitor millions of unauthorized BitTorrent transfers. Among other things, the data collected is used to sent stark warnings to alleged pirates. However, according to a torrent site owner the tracking methods of these companies are not all foolproof.