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Ernesto Van der Sar is a newsmaker and news gatherer with a fascination for piracy, lawsuits, and statistics.
I'm the founder and Editor-in-Chief of TorrentFreak. Dutchman, born in the eighties and raised near Amsterdam. In 2005 this site started as a simple blog that aimed to share and uncover news related to the file-sharing community. Over the years TorrentFreak has grown from a hobby to a serious news operation. We strive to bring topics to the forefront that aren't highlighted in the mainstream media, with a balanced perspective.
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Sky Targets Piracy App “CucoTV” as GitHub DMCA Takedowns Double in a Year

Sky Targets Piracy App “CucoTV” as GitHub DMCA Takedowns Double in a Year

Github has complied with a request from UK media giant Sky to remove a repository featuring pirate IPTV app CucoTV,…

17 hours ago

€8.5m Copyright Infringement Verdict Against Vimeo Stands on Appeal

The Rome Court of Appeal has confirmed that American streaming platform Vimeo must pay €8.5 million in copyright infringement damages…

2 days ago

MarkMonitor Wants to Keep Court Transcript Away From “Pro-Piracy” Forces

MarkMonitor has asked a Florida federal court to destroy or permanently seal documents discussing its anti-piracy systems. The information could…

2 days ago

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week – 08/15/2022

Every week we take a close look at the most pirated movies on torrent sites. What are pirates downloading? 'Prey'…

3 days ago

Anti-Piracy Group Continued to Send DMCA Notices on Behalf of Indicted Copyright Swindlers

In addition to offering piracy insights, MUSO also helps copyright holders to take down infringing content from search engines and…

4 days ago

‘Pirating’ WOW! Subscribers Object to Having Their Identities Exposed to Filmmakers

As part of an ongoing piracy liability lawsuit, Internet provider WOW! must share the personal details of 375 subscribers with…

5 days ago

Software Company Still Fighting U.S. Navy Over Millions in Piracy Damages

The software piracy battle between the U.S. Navy and German software company Bitmanagement is reaching its conclusion. After a drawn-out…

7 days ago

Cheat Seller AimJunkies Uses Subpoenas to Fire Back at Bungie has prepared several subpoenas through which it hopes to fire back at game developer Bungie. The cheat seller is…

1 week ago