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Jason Mazzone joined the faculty of Brooklyn Law School in 2003 and was named the Gerald Baylin Professor of Law in 2010. He specializes in constitutional law and history, criminal procedure, and intellectual property law, and he has published widely in these fields. Professor Mazzone’s scholarship in constitutional law focuses on issues of federalism, separation of powers, and institutional design. He is an expert on the roles that state courts play in interpreting the federal Constitution. He is currently conducting an empirical study of all Supreme Court cases that have reviewed state court decisions on issues of federal constitutional law. Professor Mazzone is also writing a book on how societies create the cultural conditions necessary for the success of written constitutions. Professor Mazzone received his doctorate in 2004 from Yale University, where he wrote his dissertation on civic associations and constitutionalism in the early American Republic. In intellectual property law, Professor Mazzone is a leading authority on the problem of overreaching: uses of IP law to assert rights beyond those the law actually confers. His book on this topic, Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property Law, will be published in 2011 by Stanford University Press. Before entering academia, Professor Mazzone was a law clerk to Judge Robert D. Sack of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and then to Judge John G. Koeltl of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Professor Mazzone has also worked as a Research Assistant to Laurence Tribe. Professor Mazzone is a member of the American Law Institute and a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation and he serves on the Board of Trustees of the Copyright Society of the USA. His scholarship has been cited by the Supreme Court and he is a frequent media commentator on legal issues.

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